'Buggy Night' Interactive Story Makes its Way to Your Local Moto X


Those who have a Moto X are likely already familiar with the Motorola Spotlight Player.  If you're not then you're clearly missing out, but you're going to have to have a Moto X to experience it anyway.  Owners of the Moto X have likely seen a familiar brown hat floating around their screen every now and then, letting them know that the original 'Windy Day' story was available to go through, and now if you enjoyed that you're going to be in for a treat.  The very same people who created the original story are back for another thrilling interactive tale titled 'Buggy Night', and it's getting pushed out to all Moto X's that have the Motorola Spotlight Player installed.  The Spotlight Player has received a brand new update today to version 1.7 that includes more than just the new story though, as the changelog shows:

Our second story is Buggy Night created by Mark Oftedal and Caldecott winning artist Jon Klassen. Buggy Night on Moto X transforms you into a detective on the case with just a flashlight and a frog in Jon Klassen's beautiful forest at night.

Brand new rendering engine for Android 4.4 KitKit with OpenGL-ES 3.0 lighting effects
While that last part about OpenGL-ES 3.0 lighting effects might not mean that much to some, it says quite a bit to the graphics aficionados in the tech world.  Android introduced OpenGL-ES 3.0 with the release of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean last summer, and ushered in a new era of incredible console-quality graphics for mobile games.  This type of graphical prowess can easily enhance any visually stunning title, and Motorola seems to have been right on board for taking advantage of this new graphics platform with its latest story.  Since this is a visual story any graphical improvement is welcomed, especially considering this is a night scene and lighting plays a big part in conveying emotion to the viewer.  Motorola's Spotlight stories are an excellent example of them thinking outside of the box and providing a unique experience for their customers, giving them a little something that brightens their day and that can't be experienced anywhere else.  If you've not seen the Spotlight stories in action check out the trailer below, the basic concept is that you follow the story around in 3D space using your phone as the "window into the world" of the story you are watching.  Characters move around in what appears to be the room you're in, although it's clearly a fantasy world you're peering into.  Those with Moto X's take the time out to experience these stories if you haven't; it might just bring you a smile.

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