Bluestacks GamePop Android Micro Console 'Pops' Back Up With New Design

Remember the Bluestacks GamePop micro game console? No? Neither do we, and that's because until today there hasn't been much chatter surrounding the little device that was announced last year in May around the time of Google I/O. Bluestacks is also known for their software program for windows that lets you use Android apps on the PC. With the popularity of consoles like the OUYA and other devices coming to market, Bluestacks wanted to get in on the craze before things got too congested or fizzled out. Once they got this project going they offered pre-order consoles to those that wanted to pay for the sub fee for a year in advance, and well, the rest is history. So far no pre-orders have been fulfilled, but there is a sliver lining as it looks like Bluestacks was utilizing its time to redesign the console from the way that it used to look. Giving it a fresh look might be what it needed to stand out.

To recap, the Bluestacks is a gaming console that is said to be following a different kind of gaming experience than that of the OUYA or others. It's subscription based, so games are playable any time with the monthly fee of $6.99 you pay to keep the Bluestacks GamePop connected. The console itself is also said to cost $99.99, at least it will once it's actually available. We're not sure how we feel about this new look, but if anything it definitely has more of a space saving design to it now that the entire console is made up of an HDMI stick and the controller itself. Tech Crunch describes it as feeling none to impressive, and we would have to agree in that it looks like a fairly cheap plastic remote. The design to us surely looks oddball but it isn't too far off the beaten path as it kind of fits the shape of the Wiimote for the original Nintendo Wii console.

The console is said to finally be ready to ship to consumers, but also now will be marketed at cable companies as what's called a grey label product, which would allow companies like Comcast for example to entice subscribers with bundle service packages. What do you think of the new design of the Bluestacks GamePop? The ability to tuck it away behind the TV is a nice touch, but how does the performance fare? We'll just have to wait and see if we get our hands on one.

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