Bloomberg: Deutsche Telekom CEO Says T-Mobile USA Sale Unlikely

March 5, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Well this isn’t exactly news, as we already knew the Sprint/T-Mobile merger had been put on hold. But according to Bloomberg, it looks like the new CEO of Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile’s owner) doesn’t see a sale of T-Mobile USA happening anytime soon. Which isn’t really surprising to me. Why? Well because the FCC doesn’t want it to happen. They have been up-front about wanting at least four national carriers, and they aren’t looking to consolidate the industry. Which is exactly what this merger would be doing.

It’s just another way of showing us that Sprint and Softbank has been unable to sway the US regulators into seeing this merger their way. Which is to compete with Verizon and AT&T’s duopoly they have here in the US. Even though Softbank’s CEO and Sprint’s Chairman has stated that he’s going to be more aggressive in bashing AT&T and Verizon (much like T-Mobile is doing) to help win the approval of the American public. It makes me wonder how far Masayoshi Son is going to take it. John Legere has gone pretty far, he’s gone as far as to crash AT&T’s CES party, which was pretty funny to me.

Now if Sprint has put the merger on hold, it’s going to be interesting to see whether they start bashing T-Mobile as well, to try and get some of their customers back from T-Mobile. It’s just another chapter in the T-Mobile/Sprint saga. Hopefully we hear something official soon, because I know plenty of people that are for it and plenty that are against it, and I’m sure they’d love to hear something official from either of these carriers, right?

How many of you want to see Sprint merge with T-Mobile? How many want to see them stay separate? Sound off in the comments below.