Backflip Studios Starts Game Publishing Company, Has Two Android Games Already On The Way

Backflip Studios is one of those game companies that I fondly remember from the early days of Android. They are most notably remembered for their popular game Ninjump which has been around for a very long time. While it isn't their only game, it is definitely one of the best and extremely addicting. Backflip Studios wants to bring us more great games though, so they're taking a similar route to that of other game studios like Gamevil, Crescent Moon Games, Rovio and others by creating a publishing company. Backflip Publishing is their new company for introducing us to new games published under their brand, but the development is solely done by other game studios. This is great news as it should allow for Backflip to put out even more games than before.

The better news, is that they have two games that are already on their way to Android and they'll be here fairly soon. One of the games is called Plundernauts, and it's slated to get a release sometime this Spring. That could mean anything from the next few weeks to a month or two away, but we have a feeling it'll be arriving pretty soon. Plundernauts is basically a game about space pirates, where you can travel the far reaches of space and explore just about every corner of the universe, while plundering and pillaging anything you can get your hands on. It'll have plenty of space battles against other pirates, and you'll have upgradeable ships to collect.

The second game that Backflip Publishing has coming is called Seabeard,(I was instantly sold by the name alone because it just sounds hilarious, but seriously, the game looks rather amazing)which is a game where you set sail on the high seas to explore a vast ocean, and you'll have plenty of tiny islands to explore, mini games to play, and tons of quests that should keep you pretty busy throughout and give you tons of replay value. Plundernauts is the game that is slated for release here soon, and Seabeard is the game that is slated for release sometime during the summer. So far Backflip hasn't announced prices or exact release dates, but the information is undoubtedly on its way. 

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