Augmented Smartwatch Pro Gets Update To Support The Qualcomm TOQ

Qualcomm's TOQ smartwatch isn't the hippest kid on the block when it comes to wearable tech, and part of this was due to the price that they were charging for their product when it was released. Last month they attempted to change that by throwing out the SDK for their smartwatch to app developers, hoping to foster some sort of enthusiasm and popularity for the platform and the device, and basically inviting developers in to create fresh, and engaging apps for the TOQ. It would stand to reason that since the watch isn't that popular to begin with, they probably weren't going to receive overwhelming responses to get apps built and up and running. Much to their dismay, there hasn't been a flood of developers rushing to work with the SDK. Most likely because there is a lack of users for the device to begin with, so there would be less use of those apps.

Despite this probability, an android app that works with seemingly multiple smartwatches has updated their app to allow Qualcomm TOQ support. Besides the TOQ, the app, called Augmented Smartwatch Pro, also works with the Sony Smartwatch 2, the MotoActv, The Pebble, The Metawatch and others. The great thing about this for Qualcomm is they now have an app that could be used quite a bit, support their product. This could at the very least get them a little more exposure. As for the app itself and what it can do, its main focus is alerts. So think about they way you get alerts from Google Now. It won't work in quite the same way of course, but you know what an alert is so you get the idea.

It also has support for Tasker, which is everyone's favorite little power user app to automate whatever your heart desire. Within reason of course. With Augmented Smartwatch Pro you can use up to three different Tasker tasks with your smartwatch, giving it another level of usability. One thing to note, is that Augmented already has more functionality with the Qualcomm TOQ than the Moto Actv and the Meta Watch, and it's only had support since today where as those other two devices have had support for some time.

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