ATT Wants You To Know How They Are Building A Better Network

AT&T seems to want to provide a better network for its users, as the carriers new ads actually tell us that they want to build us a better network. This definitely may be a commitment from the nations second largest wireless carrier to provide first class service to its customers, but it also acknowledges that there are flaws and little holes in the network that need patching. This is AT&T admitting those flaws, which is a good thing because they seem to be committed to improving in the areas that need improvement. At least, that's what we're to believe from viewing the ads. Personally, I'm more partial to their funny ads with hilarious little kids in class because kids say funny things and it gives me a laugh. However these new ads are aimed at reassuring customers that AT&T is working to make things better.

Do the new ads work? Well it's a little too early to tell at the moment but they should certainly help. The executive director for the marketing division at AT&T says that customers are eager to know why the network may or may not work, and that they seem to want to give customers these answers by way of their new ads. They take a slightly different approach than their previous commercial ads, in that they give a somewhat complex explanation but then otherwise dumb it down into terminology that the average person understands. For anyone that has ever tried to explain certain things about how features in a smartphone work to someone that has never really used one, it's a realistic enough description. These new ads are still kind of funny to provide some comic relief that can help relate it to everyday life.

AT&T's goal seems simple enough. To explain to people what they actually do to improve the network, and then describe to them how it will help improve the way they use the network. Like what fine tuning the small cells will do to improve the network, and then explaining to the employee in this particular commercial that it will help be able to make posts from the break room where the coverage may have not been so great before.

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