ATT And Sprint Galaxy S5 Can Now Be Pre-Ordered Via Amazon

Those looking to get a head start on buying up the Galaxy S5 can now do so through Amazon. There is one catch though, you have to pre-order the device with either ATT or Sprint. If you don't have either of those two carriers this pre-order deal likely won't phase you or catch your interest too much, but if you subscribe to either one or were thinking about switching you might want to see about trying to get your hands on one. To complete the pre-order you'll of course have to sign up for a brand new 2-year contract with either carrier if you want the lower cost, and then the device will ship once it launches, or soon after.

There are a few other details to note when and if you're thinking about doing the pre-order for the new Samsung flagship. Amazon only has two of the colors available out of all the colors. If you like your devices in Black or White, you're in luck, and you can pre-order one through Amazon right this very moment(Amazon link below). Second, the only available size option in this pre-order listing is the 16GB model. Lastly, is what you already know since we mentioned it above, the Galaxy S5 pre-orders are only through ATT or Sprint. If all of that sounds good to you then you're good to go.

Now lets talk pricing. Amazon pre-orders will cost you a cool $189.99 with a 2-year contract on ATT, or if you don't like the idea of signing another 2 years of your life away with the carrier you can buy it for full cost at the price of $699.99. Seven hundred bucks is a little steep so if you already planning on staying with ATT then you might as well renew and get the cheaper deal. For Sprint customers, the prices are actually exactly the same, so if you were with another carrier and weighing out your options to switch to one of the two listed here based on price, you'll have to find out another reason on which to choose. For the rest of us on other carriers, we'll just have to wait until some Amazon pre-orders pop up for us or wait until we can get in our local stores. The phone is set to launch next month on the 11th, so we don't have too long of wait.

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