Apps That Help You Give Back

March 3, 2014 - Written By Chris Yackulic

There are thousands upon thousands of apps on the market. From apps to improve your sporting prowess, to games such as the late great Flappy Bird which send could send you insane, but as smartphone usage continues to rise, charities are becoming more and more inventive with apps for you to give a little. Give something back.

One in five people across the world own a smartphone, and with so many ways to give something back in society, at sometimes no cost at all, it sounds the perfect to drop the Angry Birds on the bus home for five minutes and download one of these.

I Can Go Without

Can you go without a cup of coffee today? Then why not donate those extra savings to a charity? I Can Go Without allows you to do just that. The app gives you a list of charity partners you can donate your coffee, cake, packet of cigarettes fund to for whenever you wish to change your routine.

Play To Cure: Genes in Space

Love to play games? Race through space? Well do it now and help Cancer Research at the same time. This mobile app, brought to you by the Rational Group, allows you to help beat cancer and game at the same time. It’s free to download and has bright, arcade-style visuals with a simple gameplay, that is not only fun but beats one of the world’s biggest killers.


In partnership with The Lunchbox Fund, an organisation which dedicates itself to providing meals for orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa, Feedie is a great way for you to enjoy food and help others at the same time. We all like to take pictures of our food, and now when you share your photos with Feedie, a participating restaurant will donate one meal to the Fund. It’s as easy as pie.

Donate a Photo

Keeping with the photography theme, Donate a Photo allows you to share your pictures and for every one shared Johnson & Johnson donate $1 to a charity of your choice. So far over 170,000 images have been donated that has helped 12 schools get clean water, restored 14 public parks, and bought 81 CPR kits for families.

With the likes of Instagram and Facebook as popular as ever, it seems a great way to give back to society. Say cheese!

Google One Today

We all know that Google is the font of all knowledge. So learning about a new cause every day with their One Today app, is the simplest way to find a cause suitable for you. Usually raising awareness for causes that only ask for a couple of dollars, you can help prevent trafficking, plant trees, or simply send money directly to the poor.

The app not only allows you to donate to projects that you care about but it adds a social element with the ability to match your friends’ donations, and help create a community of good will.