Android Wear – Finally A Useful Wearable Using Google Now

Android Wear Collage e1401353410402

There have been main reports that Google was working on their own wearable smartwatch, but it looks like the emphasis is on the ‘wear’ part as Google has announced Android Wear – Android based code designed to work in a wearable smartwatch.  Not a Google Smartwatch, but any developer that wants to use Android Wear in a watch that they develop…just like the Android OS for our beloved smartphones. So Far Motorola and LG announced they would soon launch Smartwatches powered by Android Wear.  The Moto 360, as its name suggests, is a round-faced watch with alerts and notifications and voice control using Google Now – one of the requirements to using Android Wear.  In stark contrast, the LG G Watch is more in line with the existing square/rectangle look.  Both manufacturers claim to be debuting these Smartwatches in 2014 and it looks like many others are jumping on board.

While Android Wear does include fitness features that will work with some fitness Apps – certainly the popular Android App, MyFitnessPal – and Google is also working on a fitness API that will automatically help Android smartphones to automatically detect motion and exercise routines and this could certainly be used for the watches as well. The biggest plus to the Android Wear has to be in the ability or necessity to use Google Now that operates a lot like Apple’s Siri.  As the video shows, being able to ask the watch to find a certain place or person or to answer a text by speaking into the watch is very exciting and functional.  Google has really been perfecting Google Now through their Glass project and in Android 4.4 KitKat.  As Glass has shown us, a wearable is where Google Now really can shine. Android Wear is available now for Developers to start designing or building their applications with wearables in mind.  The new section that Google brought up is under Android for Developers and you can download a preview and learn more about the SDK.

Based on the video below, it looks like the leaked images we saw last year were very close to the actual product.  Please let us know on our Google+ Page if this could be the type of product that would make you go out and purchase a wearable smartwatch – it is a lot like having Google Glass on your wrist without the benefit of a camera.  To be able to speak to the device and receive immediate feedback may be the thing that pushes me over the edge to finally make a purchase.