Android Headliner: Would The Nexus 6 Benefit From A Curved Screen?

We seem to be on the cusp of a craze with curved screens and flexible displays. Samsung's Galaxy Round(which didn't seem to take off much and really wasn't that appealing) and LG's G Flex are great examples of where the screens on smartphones could be headed. At the least what we could see as options going forward. Even Samsung's new Gear Fit smartband uses a curved screen made from flexible glass. Are curved screens really a better option in terms of form factor though? Do they feel more comfortable in the hand? Or do they just serve their purpose for having a more elegant look? Whatever your feelings on curved screens they don't seem to be going away. For now at least, some OEMs like the idea and at the curved screen design is becoming a trend. Will the trend hold though? There have been rumors that this years Nexus device will have a curved screen just like the LG G Flex, or similar to it at least, which makes sense if LG is actually the OEM to manufacture the phone like the rumors state. The question is, should Google decide to go with LG's design of the curved screen or stick with a flat face like the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 4?

If we think about the way the curved screen it actually seems like it would fit better in the hand. It definitely has the appearance of being more ergonomic. It would most likely feel very comfortable to hold,(although that is something that ultimately comes down to the opinion of the user) but short of the way it feels in your hand, does a curved screen really make that much sense? Think about where your phone sits when it's not in use. Unless you start accommodating your home with curved surfaces to perfectly conform to the phones form factor, the phone is going to be resting on flat surfaces. I don't know about you, but none of the tables in my home have a curved surface to support a phone with a curved design. My Nexus wireless charger also has a flat surface, and since the next Nexus should be able to utilize the wireless charging orb that I have, flat just seems more appropriate.

The design of a curved screen certainly looks nice, but when you get right down to it you have to think about how practical having a screen like that really is. When it comes to comfort, I personally feel no difference when placing the phone up to my ear to talk. Something like the G Flex feels no more comfortable than the Nexus 4 when actually using the device as a phone. My own opinions aside, what do you think about the Nexus 6 supporting a curved screen design? Should Google stick to flat display like with the last couple Nexus phones or should they adopt LG's design of the G Flex?

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