Android Gaming Weekly 03/30/14: Epoch 2, Portal, Oculus Rift, Rail Racing, Warhammer 40K


Uppercut Games Releases Their Stunning Sequel Epoch 2 Onto Android1220_E2_Android-628x250

If you have never had the pleasure to play the original Epoch from Uppercut games, than you're sorely missing out. More importantly though, Uppercut has recently released Epoch 2 onto Android this week, and it surpasses the original Epoch in every way. The graphics are better, the boss fights are badder, and the intense combat is every bit more epic. This wildly action packed cover third person shooter is a crazy adventure where you play as the last remaining robot guardian, and you have programmed to protect one person and one person alone. The Princess Amelia. Travel through 16 levels of intense, apocalyptic robot combat with tons of enemies, and plenty of upgradeable firepower. The game will set you back $2.50, which is special 50% off launch sale price. Get the game while you can at this cheaper price before it raises to $5.

Nvidia And Valve Announce The Upcoming Launch Of The Classic Game Portal Onto Nvidia Shield14-NV-SHIELD-TWIMTBP-Portal-403x504-FB-HalfFeature-2

The Nvidia Shield has never been particularly attractive to many people. Probably because of the price. That can all change for a limited time, as Nvidia has not only dropped the price of the Shield to $199 during a special promotion, but they have also announced that they're pairing with Valve Co. to release the classic first person puzzle game Portal onto the Shield in the near future. So far there isn't any confirmed specific release date or pricing for the game, but whatever and whenever it is we're sure that it will be epic.

Facebook Buys Oculus Rift For $2 Billionoculus_rift

Oculus Rift, we barely knew thee. You lived such a short life, and you hardly had the chance to experience anything. In case you missed the big news from Tuesday, Facebook bought Oculus Rift for $2 billion. Forget the tons of people that are probably pissed about dumping their own money into the Kickstarter funding to back the project, where does this leave the future of probably our most promising VR gaming experience to date? While this may not sit well with fans, It's even more aggravating to Notch, the creator of Minecraft, who had once been developing a VR version of the game for the Rift. After finding out about the Facebook buyout, he has since stopped development and has said that he will no longer be developing an Oculus version of the game due to his lack of trust for Facebook. It's a shame, but perhaps we're all doomed to be exposed to virtual walls of posts with cats, and invitations for the next big Facebook game.


Polarbit Brings Rail Racing To Android For Some Slot Car Racing FunScreenshot (492)

If you needed a break from the real life like racing titles and would like something that is a little more oriented at fun, give Rail Racing by Polarbit a try. This game brings back fond memories of playing with those little toy car tracks that you had to assemble and you could place cars on them to watch them race around all through the track and various obstacles. Rail Racing has 50 levels of intense fun, with overhead and third person camera views, multiplayer challenges, leaderboards via Google Play Games services, car upgrades, and tons of different cars to race and choose from. Rail Racing is free, with optional IAP for things like booster items.

Warhammer 40K:Storm of Vengance Is Still On The Way, Here's The latest On DevelopmentScreenshot (493)

The popular lane based strategy game Warhammer 40K was due to hit the Play Store just a few short days ago. That obviously didn't happen so it seems as though the game was in fact pushed back to April. The release should be soon though and when it does arrive it should end up costing gamers $4.99 for the full game. Players will now have the available option to grab up new variations of troops as downloadable content. There are three new troop types in all that you will be able to grab once the game hits: Ork Stormboy, Dark Angel Dreadnought, and Deathwing Terminator. You'll also have the option to pick up different Ork clan skins. The game shouldn't be too far off so if you were looking forward to picking it up at launch keep your eyes peeled. We'll be sure to post and update.

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