Android Game Of The Week: Shadow Blade

The long awaited Ninja themed platformer from Crescent Moon Games and Dead Mage Sutdios landed on the Play Store this week, and it really is nothing short of amazing. Shadow Blade is without a doubt a game that everyone should give a try. You take on the role of a young Ninja named Kuro. Kuro's goal is to become a legendary Shadow Blade, but to do that you'll have to reach the last remaining ninja master and seek his training. The path to the ninja master is fraught with perilous danger. Numerous traps, enemies, and tons of challenging levels will be in your way, but none of this should be a problem for a ninja right?

In Shadow Blade you'll have to guide Kuro past enemies to progress through the level. Sometimes you'll be able to sneak past, but the ninja art of stealth won't always be an option, and sometimes you'll have to take the fight to your enemies head on. Using your ninja skills and trusty blade, you'll be able to slash and cut enemies down in a number of ways. Take on enemies face to face, drop down from above and impale them with your sword, or perform a number of various attacks like a running slash and an air based dash attack. The levels will start off easy but will get progressively more difficult, with more traps and more enemies of different types. Perform double jumps, wall grabs and air dashes to get past spike filled pits and move past deadly explosive mines.

Shadow Blade has three main chapters, with a fourth unlockable chapter called "Downtown", along with an unlockable "Hard Mode", and currently unavailable content that is labeled as coming soon. Each chapter has at least 10 levels, and in each level you'll not only have to make it to the end, but gather up certain items along the way and do it in a specific time frame if you want to pass the level with a three ninja star rating. Shadow Blade has a fantastic graphical art style and best of all it's free to try. You'll get a few missions to play and if you like the game you can purchase the full game with a one time IAP purchase, which will get you access to all the games chapters and any content that comes through updates. Shadow Blade is a fast paced action platformer that shows you just how fun being a ninja can be. Grab the game from the Play Store for free and become the legendary Shadow Blade.

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