Android Game Of The Week: Mines Of Mars

I never thought a mining game could be this fun. I hopped on the Minecraft bandwagon for a little while, but despite my friends pleading for me to come back to their digital world and help them with epic feats of building giant monstrosities, I just couldn't stay engaged. Mines of Mars is a different type of mining game than Minecraft, and arguably a better one. (At least from my point of view) Mines of Mars delivers much more than just a mining experience of gathering materials and building things. The wonderful side scrolling view is met and married with beautifully ambient background soundtracks, quite seemingly endless exploration capabilities, procedurally and randomly generated worlds in the underground mines of the Mars planet, and a great little story to provide some depth while you're making your way down INTO the depths.

The game starts off with a little intro to why and how you end up on the surface of the Mars planet,(don't get too attached, because you don't spend much time on the surface, although you do make frequent trips back) and then you're hurled right into the underground mines to begin your adventure. You'll meet a handful of hilarious little robot pals along the way. You start off with a certain set of gear which includes a handgun, your space suit, and your mining pick, all which can be upgraded by gathering materials which you acquire through mining below the surface. The deeper you go, the more sought after materials you'll find, but you'll also be met with more danger and encounter more monsters that only seek to end you. Among the deep, dark exploration adventure, a wealth of blooming plant life and friendly little critters randomly spawn throughout the underground mines.

Mines of Mars also has three mini games which you can play, so if you need a break from your mining duties they provide a nice escape. Mines of Mars boasts other great features like Huge Bosses,(although I have yet to encounter one, perhaps I haven't gone deep enough) secrets and secret areas to discover and a night and day system which is just awesome to look at, and it adds another element to the game that just helps to immerse you. The game will set you back $4.99, but there are no IAP in sight and the game is worth every penny for the hours upon hours of game time you will get out of it. You can grab the game from the Play Store when you're ready to start your mining adventure.

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