Android Game Of The Week: Captain America The Winter Soldier

Gameloft is well known for putting out plenty of games based off of comic book characters and the super hero films that follow them. The newest from the game studio is based off of the upcoming Captain America film, Captain America The Winter Soldier, which is due to be hitting theaters in just a little over a week. Gameloft's last couple of comic book hero games have been a little less enjoyable compared to what we're used to them putting out. However Captain America The Winter Solider has so much going for it that makes it fun that it definitely is one that should not be passed up. The game starts out as a free demo that lets you try out the first two levels in the campaign, after which if you want to continue playing you have to buy the full version of the game for $2.99. The game does also support IAP like most of Gamelofts games these days, but they are completely optional just like many games who use the monetization system.

The game is for the most part an action based hack and slash game with a top down view kind of like dungeon hunter or Thor: The Dark World, but has more of a beat um up feel to the combat since Captain America doesn't really use anything that he can actually hack and slash with. The visual style that Gameloft was going for in the game was to pay homage to comic book art and the sort of cell shaded graphics that evoke that type of style, and you'll notice subtle yet well produced attention to detail like live shadows, and reflective water. Comic book style action words also pop up throughout the game as you fight off enemy attackers, which puts you more as the gamer into the world of the super hero.

Cap doesn't fight by himself as he is usually accompanied by one or more agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that can help back you in combat. Each agent has a specialization like defusing bombs, or the sniper class that can shoot enemies from afar. Natasha Romanoff even makes an appearance in at least one of the levels, and you can use her at your disposal when things get a little tough, but just like Cap's other special moves, there is a cooldown timer so you can't use her in rapid succession. The game also boasts character attributes which you can upgrade as you and your agents level up, and you can even boost their stats with crystals called ISO-8. Throw in a couple more attractive features like 100 levels and missions to pass through, and nice little story to go along with the action that plays out just like a comic book from page to page, and you have a nice well rounded game that is well worth the time and money. You can grab the game from the Play Store link here.

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