Amazon Sends out Invites for April 2nd Event; Could the Set-Top Box Finally Be Unveiled?

There have been rumors of a set-top box from Amazon for a few years now. And now we have an invitation for an event going down next week. Which could be the set-top box, as it's still a bit early for a Kindle/Kindle Fire refresh. The invite from Amazon simply reads "Join us for an update on our Video business" which pretty much hints at something like a set-top box, which could be tied into Amazon Prime's increase we saw earlier this month.

The event starts at 11am EST on April 2nd. As usual, we'll be covering it to be sure we're not missing anything. Hopefully we'll see their set-top box which has been rumored almost more than the HTC One. It's said to work a bit like Chromecast and be able to stream games from the cloud using Amazon's cloud services. Which is a pretty cool idea, I just wonder how well it'll work, especially for those on slower connections. As I'm sure the ping for multi-player games would be pretty bad for most games.

We could speculate all day long, and we probably will until next week, but the fact of the matter is that Amazon has something to show us next week and it's plain and simple about their video business. Hopefully we see some more goodies in Amazon Prime Instant Video as it's been pretty lame as far as content goes, at least for stuff I'd watch. How many of you are looking forward to seeing what Amazon launches or announces next week at their event? Hopefully their set-top box or something similar, we're still looking for something to take over our living room, which Chromecast is close, but not quite there. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Amazon: Kindle Fire Lineup

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