Amazon Branded Controller Appears; Destined for an Android Game Console?



For what feels like forever now, we've been hearing that Amazon is working on a set-top box to take on the likes of Roku, Netflix and we suppose the Chromecast. All of this would make a lot of sense, after all the company has most of the needed attributes in place to start something like this. They have a fairly decent catalog of movies and TV Shows in their Amazon Prime streaming library and of course, there's the Amazon Appstore to think about.


Now, it looks like this set-top box could end up being some sort of Android-powered games console a la Mad Catz's MOJO, either that or Amazon is readying a controller of their own for their Kindle Fire line of tablets. The above photos has hit the internet once again adds fuel to the fire that has become the "Amazon box" rumor. What's beginning to look less and less like an if and more of a when, the new controller leak certainly makes us think such a launch is imminent. Recently, Amazon announced their Appstream platform opening up to all developers, allowing apps or games to be streamed over the internet and they also just purchased their game developer in Double Helix.

The controller itself has the familiar back, home and menu keys that are key to getting around Android and the icon below that is of Amazon's GameCircle initiative, their answer to Google Play Games. So, it looks like everything is in place for Amazon to release their own Android-powered box, but just when this is going to remain is unknown. We've heard that the online giant is gearing up for a launch later this year, and if we were to put money on it we'd bet that Amazon is looking at a Q4 window just in time for the holidays, and one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year.

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