AH Weekly Friday Giveaway: Limefuel Nexus 5 Battery Case

LimefuelGiveawayAH 1

Last week we kicked off the first in what’s sure to become many giveaways here at Android Headlines, with the Braven 710 Bluetooth Speaker. Now, we’re taking things in a slightly different direction. Thanks to our friends at Limefuel, we have a Nexus 5 battery case to giveaway. We’ll be giving away something every week from now on, so hopefully we’ll have something for everyone each week. This time around we’re giving something back to those crazy Nexus owners (of which I am one of) and in the future, we’ll have something for all devices (so Samsung users, calm down, we’re all friends here).

The Limefuel battery case comes with a battery capacity of 2,860 mAh and I reviewed it not too long ago. I personally own one of these and they’re perfect for long journeys away from an outlet and can easily get you two and a half times your normal battery life, at least that’s how it works out for me. Sure, this is going to add a little bulk to your Nexus 5, but it is in step with the device’s design and you still get that nice soft touch material. There’s a battery meter on the rear of the case, and you can even charge your phone with the case still on, as well as sync with your computer. So, this is one of the more convenient ways to get a lot more battery out of your Nexus 5. The Limefuel case is $75 from Amazon, so if you can’t wait a week to find out if you’ve won then go ahead and bit the bullet. However, if you fancy your chances then simply follow the instructions in the widget below to enter this week’s giveaway.

Congrats to last week’s winner of the Braven 710 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. And Good Luck to everyone else entering in this weeks giveaway!