Additional Moto 360 Designs Showing Different Bands

It has become more obvious that Motorola has struck gold with their take on the smart watch. Being one of the first to use Android Wear definitely helps Motorola in this fight, but there is more here that separates them from say LG. Remember, Motorola wasn't the only company announcing a smart watch that day, but something made Motorla different, something launched them into the limelight that LG seemed to be missing and that was design.We wrote up an article to share what we know so far and what we don't about the Moto 360. On that list of things we know so far, was design and we touched a bit on that. Now we have a little more information on the design, and your options when purchasing your Moto 360. So let's go into the details behind the design of the Moto 360.

The biggest thing to remember is that watches have always and will continue to be part of the fashion world. Smart watches are an accessory piece, and as the bridge between the fashion industry and technology, they have a tough job ahead of them. The Moto 360 does a great job of bridging that gap. The band is what will hold this all together, and as we said before, the band will be interchangeable. However now we have more information in regards to the available options for the Moto 360 band. New images show some color options and material options for the bands. We knew the basic leather options and metal options already, but there seems to be some sort of microfiber band. There is no camera on the band, that hasn't changed, so the next part of the watch is the main event.

Design wise, the watch itself is taking on an angle, with the round body. With a closer look at the sides of the device we get some answers and more questions. On one side, and notice we are not specifying which one, has a mic. On the other side, we see a physical button with little knowledge on what it is there for exactly. The reason for not mentioning left or right when referring to the sides, is simple, the software allows for you to decide the orientation. Meaning the watch can be worn on either the left or right arm.The back of the Moto 360 piece there is a hard plastic back plate. The purplish color is a nice touch to add some sophistication to the device, and who knows, maybe some sort of sensors are hidden there. One of the newest images shows a battery percentage on the screen of the watch. Now it isn't a surprise that we would see a battery percentage anywhere on this device, but it is nice to see how camouflaged yet obvious it is shown.

Overall, the design is getting spectacular reviews and we haven't even seen a hands on yet. Hopefully when Motorola releases the Moto 360 to the public, we will see little to no changes on the design.

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