According to Business Korea, The Galaxy S5 Was Announced at MWC Due to Uninspiring Features

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Coming out of Business Korea is a report that Samsung might have announced the Galaxy S5 early, due to the lack of new features and the design that seems to have disappointed a lot of users. We think that the Galaxy S5 is a fine device frankly, and while the latest and greatest Android smartphone from Samsung isn’t a massive improvement from the Galaxy S4, it’s got some pretty decent features in it. We must admit, we were genuinely surprised when it became official that Samsung was to announce the Galaxy S5 during Mobile World Congress, an event that Samsung had, for the previous two years, eschewed in favor of their own press event. So, just why is it that Business Korea and other industry giants think that the Galaxy S5 was announced early?

Business Korea has been speaking to industry sources (of course, who else) and have some interesting quotes. This one from an unnamed Samsung executive is particularly interesting; “There are perhaps many reasons behind our decision to reveal the Galaxy S5 at this year’s MWC, but it was mainly aimed at countering Apple’s iPhone 5S.” Is this because the Galaxy S5 is to compete head-on with the iPhone and appeal to generic consumers, and that the Galaxy Note line is to provide the best Samsung has to offer? Personally, I’ve been thinking along those lines for a long time and when you think about it, the Galaxy S line has always been marketed as a direct alternative from Apple’s iPhone, meanwhile the Note is marketed for what it is; a better device.

Another quote from Business Korea hits hard against Samsung and their early announcement; “Actually, there is a general consensus among Samsung employees about a lack of product innovation, even before the Galaxy S5 was revealed.  To the best of my knowledge, Samsung decided to showcase the new model at MWC 2014, rather than through a separate Unpacked event, because it was much easier to divert attention away from the innovation problem.” Ouch.

We’ve seen a number of Samsung fans and everyone else for that matter, piling in on Samsung on Google+ and other networks, but the question still remains, did Samsung drop the ball with the Galaxy S5? The fact is that the device hasn’t even hit shelves yet, so that’s very difficult to say, but we’re sure that Samsung won’t have any trouble selling these. Keeping the design similar is a tricky one for Samsung, change for change’s sake is never a good idea, and you always want to retain a brand identity. In my personal opinion, I think the Galaxy S5 is loaded with great features. Is it for me? No, because I genuinely prefer stock Android and a minimal approach to software. The improved camera and heart rate monitor, among other things, have shown that Samsung still has the elements to make something great, it just seems like they’re still struggling to bring it all together coherently. Do you agree? Whatever your opinion, reach out in the comments below and over on Google+!