Wirefly Seems To Have Closed Its Doors, People May Get Refunds

Wirefly has been a major online retailer for a number of years where people could go and purchase mobile phones with the attachment of a contract, and often being able to get better deals than what was offered at retail stores for many carriers. Recently it looks like Wirefly has shut down its services as their website has been taken offline and consumers who were able to purchase handsets beforehand, had yet to receive a device and weren't able to check on a shipment status. The site seems to have been taken down within the last day or so, and noticed by a consumer who had paid for a Droid Maxx but hadn't gotten the phone in the mail. As reported by Droid Life, the consumer decided to try and correspond with Wirefly via Facebook, which ended up getting him a response from Wirefly themselves.

The consumer who tipped off the apparent issue had noticed that they weren't the only ones concerned about the website being offline. It seems that other consumers as well as company affiliates were also worried and were attempting to contact Wirefly through Facebook as well. As it turns out, Wirefly seems to have filed for Bankruptcy and is or will be issuing refunds to anyone who had purchased phones or devices before the site was unreachable. The parent company for Wirefly, known as Simplexity is also seemingly out of the picture, and all involved employees from both companies appear to be surprised over the matter of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Droid Life did a search for both companies via Twitter and Google+(both likely places to find info on a company revolving around the wireless industry we would think) and they were able to stumble upon what seems to us a weird message from an employee that doesn't really make much sense. The message that was left read:

Good morning, Simplexity Friends. Yesterday we suffered a shock and - let's be clear - an injustice. Today we have to make our way in the world where that happened. So let's talk about how we will do that.... Everybody says we need to treat job-hunting like a job. But what does that mean? Put hours per day into it, sure, but how? Everybody who's ever worked knows that it's possible to put hours per day into something productively, and hours per day into something unproductively.

Hopefully none of our readers have recently purchased from Wirefly, but our guess is that you will have quite a difficult time going about getting your money back if you have. This certainly comes as a little bit of a surprise to us, but it seems a little fishy that none of the companies employees seem to have had a clue as to what was going on.

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