ZTE Nubia Z7 To Become Official In March

Nubia Logo AH1

The ‘phablet’ phase is really in full swing at this point.  We are seeing some truly massive phones enter the market, whether it be Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra, or the like.  Now, we are looking to the Chinese manufacturer ZTE for the next big phone to grace the markets.  The upcoming ZTE Nubia Z7 is expected to be a huge phone.  It is projected to measure in at a whopping 6.44 inches, which is right on par with the Xperia Z Ultra.  The phone also has some rumors about its specs floating around, which tell us that it is suspected to land with Android 4.4 KitKat running under the hood and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 powering it all.  It is also expected to have a massive 128GB storage space, which is a wonderful change of pace from the traditional 16 or 32GB storage that we have come to accept as standard. The Chinese website CNMO gives some details as to when we can expect to see this beast be announced to the general public, and they project that it should be some time around March, if not very early April.  This comes as a slight surprise to us, as it would be expected that a phone of this size and storage would be revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, but who knows.  Maybe they are doing it intentionally to keep people interested in their brand even after the dust settles in MWC.  The phone is expected to have a very minimalist skin over the Android OS, which is sure to be appreciated by all the vanilla Android fans out there.  The thing that has me most excited about this phone is the storage space.  I consider myself old-fashioned, in that I like to keep my files locally available.  I have not yet fully embraced the cloud for all my needs, so having the option of a 128GB phone  storage for all my multimedia needs is very appealing.  I feel that almost every phone should have, at a minimum, 64GB of storage, especially if they do not have the option for expandable memory like my precious Nexus 5.  What do you think?  Are you interested to see more about this phone?  Let us know down below!