Xperia Z1 Compact Owners Cry Foul, Possible Design Defect Leads to Flash Bleed


There was a time, now long past, when Sony was synonymous with good quality, awesome sound and an amazing camera experience. However, if one goes by the imaging issues plaguing the owners of the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, the credibility of Sony as an OEM becomes circumspect. Recent reports emerging from owners of the premium Sony device claim that photos taken in low light or nighttime conditions result in a definite flash bleed, which is colored in the same shade of the smartphone device.

The flash bleed occurs when the light from the camera flash seeps (or bleeds) in through the chassis and lens and can be visible as a distorted glow on the photograph. A flash bleed would normally occur if you inadvertently place a finger too close to the camera lens while taking the shot. However owners of the Xperia Z1 Compact complain that flash bleeds occur even when the phone is held properly from the edges. The issue is being hotly discussed over at the German forum – Android-Hilfe – as well as on the official talk forums of Sony Mobile, with owners comparing shots under different light conditions.


As evidenced by the sample shots below, the problem is more prominent on the pink and lime versions of the device, which produce a flash bleed of the corresponding color; whereas the black handset is comparatively less prone. If the prima facie evidence is to be believed, then the problem is occurring due to a design flaw in the handset which is causing the flash light to seep in through the housing and into the camera lens.

Either ways, there is no official word from the Japanese manufacturer either acknowledging the issue or even refuting it as a localized issue. If enough noise is created, Sony may step in to salvage the situation which would be a win for the harassed owners. If you are a harassed Xperia Z1 Compact owner, do let us know your story in the comments section below.



Source: SonyMobile Via: XperiaBlog

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