Word Puttz Is A Word Game With Balls


In the spirit of word games and the top 10 word games list we put out yesterday evening, we thought it was only fitting to show you guys a new word game from jackbox Games. Jackbox are the masterminds behind the You Dont Know Jack series of trivia brain teaser titles and many other games, and they have just introduced their brand new word game called Word Puttz, the only word game with balls. Mini golf balls that is. Word Puttz is a mashup of a word tile game mixed with mini golf, and hosted/narrated by a friendly little octopus.

At first glance you'd think this is just your everyday normal word tile game. After closer inspection though you'll notice that each and every level is made up on a mini golf course. Why you ask? Because Octoputtz owns the mini golf course and he's your teacher, and it was his decision. Just like you would try to do on a mini golf course and sink the ball into the hole, you'll have to build out your tiles to make words and reach the hole to sink your golf balls. Bigger words mean more points and further progression. Each level is set up with a three star system for you to try and achieve. We know you're familiar with the three star collection system within games. It would seem easy at first, but the further you get into the course and progress from level to level, more and more obstacles show up to block your path of word tiles so you'll have to be a little cunning and find a way around. Sometimes there's even little puzzles you'll have to solve. There are multiple courses to play on and each course has multiple levels, all with different layouts, tasks to complete and different obstacles in different places.

At launch Word Puttz has four total courses to start out, with more than 70 levels to complete. New courses with more levels are slated to be added in the future. Word Puttz is completely free to play, and you can play through the entire game without having to spend a dime. There is however optional IAP available that allow you to grab boosts, and you can upgrade the game to do away with the in game ads, which also comes along with a huge boost pack. Word Puttz lets you take things social with the Facebook Connect integration, so you can even see how you rank on the leaderboards and post your scores.  You can grab Word Puttz from the Play Store as of now, so if you were looking for a completely unique word game to play this is it.

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