Wireless Power Is One Step Closer To Replacing Traditional Chargers

You may or may not have heard of the A4WP(The Alliance for Wireless Power). It's a group formed between Qualcomm and Samsung that was brought together by the two major companies a couple years ago, to further research and development in the field of wireless power and develop new ways to charge our devices without the need for having to pack a traditional charger and cable around. It certainly is a nice thought, to be able to charge devices without actually plugging them in and stringing cables all around the house from outlets to do so. We've already seen some progressive strides being made to get our devices charging without the tie down of the USB cable and outlet, with the wireless chargers that some of us already have in our homes.

While The Alliance For Wireless Power is just one of many different groups who have set out to provide the wireless charging standards, they have recently announced a partnership between themselves, and another Alliance,(The Power Matters Alliance) which the company Witricity is part of. The partnership between Witricity and The Alliance For Wireless Power means that both companies have agreed to share ideas and specs, in hopes to advance their progress for wireless power and wireless power standards. Witricity also has partnerships with Toyota, as well as Mcdonalds and Starbucks Coffee Company, where some locations already use the PMA standard for the charging stations inside their establishments.

The hope from Witricity, is that it can being to incorporate A4WP's Rezence wireless charging standard specifications into the designs it has setup to power Toyota vehicles. The Rezence standard from A4WP aims to provide wireless charging to multiple devices at the same time, thus eliminating any need for multiple chargers and cables, no matter what the wireless standard is that the devices needing the charge would support. The Rezence standard has already received a couple certifications as of January 2014, so it's possible that we could start to see devices sporting this wireless standard in the near future. Having one wireless charger that could power up multiple devices at once would be ultimately more useful than what we have currently.

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