Wearables Manufacturer Basis Apparently Looking For A Buyer

With a growing amount of products out there and available in the "wearables" market, we're starting to see a trend in companies finally trying to innovate a lot more with devices and products that fit into that category. Basis is just one of those companies, and it looks as though they're searching for a buyer to absorb them. Basis offers up what most would consider a fitness tracker device, much like the Nike Fuel band or the Fitbit Flex. The Basis looks more like a smartwatch though, with a fairly decent sized face for something worn on the wrist, and provides a few useful fitness related features.

An accelerometer is just one of those features offered by the Basis, but it also houses sensors that track your body temperature so you know how hot you're body is running at any given time during your activities, and the same sensors also track perspiration so you can stay on top of how much water you're losing. This could be useful for anyone who likes to stay properly hydrated while they exercise, and seeing as how one of the ways our bodies get rid of water through sweat, knowing how much you're perspiring during a workout can tell you when to hydrate. The device also monitors the outside temperature so you know how warm or cold it is during exercise.

The Basis is all by means a formidable device for the competition, just on a more simple scale when compared to things like the Galaxy Gear and Sony Smartwatch 2 that have fitness features of their own. While the Basis may be more simplistic in feature offerings, the technology behind the product is definitely there and with a larger company behind them that has the money to back future projects, the Basis could be one hell of wearable to look out for. Google, Apple, Samsung and others are said to be just a few of the companies that Basis has reached out to over the possibility of an acquisition, and with an asking price just shy of $100 million no less, which would make this a steal when compared to some of the buyouts put forth by Google in the recent past. So far there aren't any details on who is interested in picking up Basis, if anyone, but we wouldn't be surprised to see someone like Google take them and turn them into something much greater.

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