Wanted: Spanish Biker Who Saved HTC CEO From Being Late to MWC Keynote


Do you believe in Karma? Well we know for sure that HTC CEO Peter Chou does. We know this, because of something very interesting is going on in Spain, and we aren't talking about Mobile World Congress. Instead, we are talking about something that happened to Chou on his way to his event, and why he is on the hunt for a certain biker.

Let's set the scene first, because without knowing the background, the ending won't make sense. Picture what the streets of Barcelona Spain must have looked like during MWC 2014. Traffic filled streets, with pedestrians and bikers swerving in between cars. Sprinkled throughout the scene, company representatives, and CEO's trying to make it to their event's and make appearances at MWC. Peter Chou, was running a bit late, and stuck in a cab, stuck in the traffic covered streets, Chou grew concerned he wouldn't make it to a very important appointment.

Suddenly, as the statuesque cab, was passed by a man on a green motor bike, Chou was stricken with an innovative idea. Chou asked the driver of the cab, to honk in hopes of getting the attention of said biker. Said biker pulled over, surely wondering why the cab was honking at him, then Chou asked the biker a huge favor.

Peter Chou asked the biker if he wouldn't mind giving him a ride to MWC. The trip would take them less than 10 minutes with the ability to swerve through motionless cars stuck in traffic. The biker agreed, and Chou was no longer afraid of being late. Together, Chou and this mysterious man, took off on his Honda Scoopy, and just in time, they made it to Chou's destination.

Once they arrived, Chou offered the man some money, in an attempt to thank the man for his kindness. However, the man declined, simply saying there was no need for that. The man also asked Chou to hurry for his appointment, and then, just like that, he was gone. Disappearing back into the traffic, leaving Chou with a feeling of warmth and kindness. A pretty interesting story to say the least, and is all true.

Now, Peter Chou has announced that he is searching for this man, giving the following description of him. "The information we have is that he [the motorcyclist] is a good-looking man, 45-50 years old, riding a Green Honda Scoopy with a yellow plate. The adventure started at 8:24 in the morning, as Peter Chou stopped the motorcyclist and finished at 8:35 as they arrived to the exact entry of the fair. If you have any information that may lead us to him, you are already taking too long to contact us! Or if you prefer, you may send us an email to [email protected]."

The reason Chou is searching for this man is, since he was running late, he had no time to press the matter of repayment. Chou had to accept the fact that the man wouldn't accept any sort of repayment. Now that Chou has time though, he is doing whatever he can to find this man and repay him. HTC has posted a blog, that essentially ends with, if you know this man, than taking the time to read the full blog, or this story, is wasting time. They suggest that you should've already contacted them by now. So if you do, contact HTC asap, and keep an eye out for the update to this story.

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