Verizon Branded Galaxy Note Pro Smiles For The Camera

We know that the Samsung Galaxy note Pro tablet is on the way. In fact, you can already pre-order the tablet at a wide selection of online retailers, and have it by Feb. 13th, which will be just in time for Valentine's day. It's not like we haven't seen this device already, and we've seen it in action at CES when Samsung unveiled the device. Thanks to infamous leaker @evleaks though, we get a peek at the version of the tablet that is bound for Verizon Retail stores in the near future. Now not all Verizon devices have an ugly logo stamped in the worst places on the device, but Verizon has become known by many for putting their giant "V" logo followed by their name in the worst spots possible. Ergo the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it's hideous VZW logo right smack in the middle of the home button.

This is hardly the same case, but the logo still makes its way into the shot, as it's placed squarely in the middle of the tablets backside just below the camera. Now we certainly understand the need for the company to brand the device with a logo somewhere. It's just good business sense. Thankfully, the way verizon has put the logo on Samsung's upcoming Note Pro Tablet is tasteful, and not too obtrusive. If you think about it, placing the logo where they did was more or less the smartest move they could have made. The Verizon brand will get more exposure, as more people will see the logo while you might be using the device out in public since the back of the tablet will be facing others.

On the front end, the branding seems to be dominated only by Samsung, and you can also see that they have stuck with the physical home button here, as there is no reason to deviate from the setup that the regular model of the Note Pro Tablet has itself. We're sure there's a handful of Verizon customers that will be glad to pick one of these up on the network, and if there's any carrier that has a good chance at selling tons of these it's Verizon. Are there any Verizon subscribers looking to pick this up once it hits store shelves?

Source: @evleaks

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