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We may not be able to get our hands on the Galaxy S 5 just yet, but we can set up a few things to get as close to some of the awesome new functions that it has as possible. Despite popular belief, some of the new features that the Samsung Galaxy S 5 has can be implemented with apps. Yes, it's true. There are apps already out there that provide similar if not the same function as some of the S5's new features. For example, the Heart Rate Sensor. This feature can be had through an app called Runtastic Heart Rate, and it works in very much a similar way to the Heart Rate Sensor on the back of the Galaxy S5. With the S5 the LED flash is next to the Heart Rate Sensor, so when using this feature that LED comes on and I'm assuming you put your finger over it while it records and gives back the data. With Runtastic, you simply place your finger over the Camera lens and LED flash on the back of your own phone, while the app records and plays back the data. The app seems to have a pretty good rating, and for the most part equally good reviews. We'd say this is a win.

The Heart Rate Sensor is just one of the new features though that people actually have taken a liking to. Another that actually sounds like it would be quite nice to have is the auto screen dimming. Sure it's not too hard to just drag the brightness bar down yourself, or you can set it to auto, you could even use Tasker if you're rooted. However Tasker has quite a bit of a learning curve and most people don't root their phones. So what could you use to give you a similar auto dimming feature? There are number of apps that actually provide similar functions, but one that seems to stand out from the rest is Lux and Lux Lite. Lux can take your screen brightness past 0 into what the app calls subzero brightness, all the way up to -100 on the meter. The Lite version works fine enough, but the paid version seems to have a lot of extras and most of the auto features.

My favorite feature on the Galaxy S5? The download booster. Reason being is because I download stuff on my phone on a daily basis, and I'm always around WiFi. So having the capability to use both wifi and the network radios together to boost download speeds would come in handy. Thankfully this function is provided by using an app called Super Download Fast. Some features do require root for use, but the basic function of downloading using both wifi and network signals does not. There is a lite and a paid version of this app as well. So I recommend giving the lite version a try before you decide to pick up the paid version.

S-Health is another feature that people are arguably attracted to on the S5. With the updated SDK we should also start to see some new features and functionality, and maybe even more apps. However great S-Health might be though, there are certainly no shortage of Health apps available on the Play Store that can be utilized to give you similar, if no the same or even better results. There is a health app to suit every taste, and plenty of them will have different focuses and features. When it comes down to it you might just have to try a few and find one you like. There are many popular ones, like Move, or the MyFittnessPlan app, but I personally use EndoMondo Sports Tracker Pro, and have been using it for years. I love it because I can change the tracking part based off of what type of exercise I'm engaging in,(which is usually cycling) and it tracks my route(which many apps will do) as well as integrates my music in. It's a pretty great app overall, and there is even a lite version to try before you buy.

Lastly one of the things that people have grown to like is the Samsung Galaxy S 5 wallpaper. This has been floating around since the 24th when the phone was announced. We reported on it that day, stating that the wallpaper was available for download thanks to a rather generous lad that put it up on Google+. If you want the wallpaper, you can grab it from this story here. So there you have it. Many of the Galaxy S5 features are already available via other apps that you can use immediately.

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