Tweet From HTC Hints At Possible Repair Offers

Sometimes we can't stop the inevitable feeling that follows a broken heart. It's true that time heals all though. Thankfully, broken phones are easier to fix, and surely take less time then mending ones  heart, at least HTC seems to think so and they seem to want you to think so too. Taking to twitter for a clever advertisement, the Taiwanese phone company looks to be teasing the general public with some kind of offering for a smartphone repair service, although there isn't much detail on it other than the fact that they have a photo and statement appropriate for the theme of the day. The tweet simply states "If only broken hearts were this easy to fix", with a picture of two HTC One's arranged in the shape of a heart. Whatever they have planned it must be something to offer users of HTC products an easy way to repair their broken devices without hassle. Maybe they're offering free repairs? There's no mention if any other brands would be supported as well if this tweet is referring to a repair service in the first place.

Alongside this tweet that HTC has posted on their official account, they're doing an AMA(ask me anything) on reddit  that should prove to be forthcoming with some pretty interesting information and maybe they'll even elaborate on this tweet during the set of questions to be had on the forum thread. That might be a little bit of a hopeful thought, but even if they end up clamming up on the details of this tweet during the AMA, the tweet states details are slated for 2/18 for sure. So we can at least expect to know more on that date. MWC is also scheduled to begin next weekend, so maybe whatever they have planned in accordance with this tweet has something to do what they have going on at the show. The questions are buzzing and this has most likely created quite a stir for HTC lover's, and we have to agree that our interest is peaked in the matter as we certainly want to more on the details of what HTC was hinting at. I wonder if they had this idea planned to go live on twitter well before today?


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