Top Ten Apps That Will Drain Your Battery Fast

Clean Master

To show how naive I am, when I was asked to write an article on Vampire Apps – I assumed it was about game apps relating to blood sucking creatures of the night, not battery sucking apps that will drain your device and even some that can cause the annoying “black screen of death.” KS Mobile, the makers of the free Clean Master utility App for Android, announced its top ten battery draining Apps, or Vampire Apps, just in time as Hollywood keeps our interest in Vampires with the new movie, Vampire Academy coming out this week and Vampire Diaries just airing their Valentine’s Day episode.

Most of these Apps are very popular ones, used by millions, sometimes 10’s of millions of users and we will run through the list that Clean Master provided to reveal their names and to show you just how popular they are with users. The first and worst App is for a camera App, Camera360 Ultimate that has 180 million worldwide users, almost 815,000 reviews and over 505,000 Google+, yet it is the suckiest vampire out there. The second worst App is Microsoft’s Outlook.com – another very popular app that has between 10-50 million downloads, over 200,000 reviews, with only a rating of only 3.3 out of 5.0 and over 150,000 Google+s. The third App on the list is EZ Weather Forecast & Widget, though not as popular as the first two, this app is used by over a half million people, reviewed by over 15,000 with over 10,200 Google+s. The fourth worst App is, Viki: Free TV, Movies & News – another app that over 5 million people have downloaded, reviewed almost 75,000 times and Google+’d over 59,000 times. The fifth App to watch is Zello PTT Walkie-Talkie, and has between 10-50 million users, reviewed by over 234,000 users and has over 185,000 Google+s.

Temple Run 2, comes in at sixth place – another very popular gaming App with 170 million downloads, 1.5 million reviews and almost 1.6 million Google+s. In seventh place is imo free video calls and text, with over 1 million downloads, over 114,000 reviews and over 55,000 Google+s. Racing Moto is another extremely popular game with 10-50 million downloads, over 300,000 reviews and over 159,000 Google+s. Fruit Ninja comes in ninth place, but again, has downloads of 100-500 million, almost 1.75 million reviews and over 1 million Google+s. The most popular downloaded game in 2013, Candy Crush Saga, comes in at 10th place with 100-500 million downloads, almost 4.5 million reviews and over 4.2 million Google+s.

As you can see from how popular these App are with users, many smartphones are literally having their battery juice sucked right out of them. It also shows how important it is to have a program, such as, Clean Master on your device as well. Clean Master’s key features include a Junk Files Remover that easily erases cache files with one tap, an App Manager to backup, uninstall, and/or move your Apps to your SD card, a Task Killer that will help preserve battery life and RAM by closing applications, and a Privacy feature that will completely wipe your device clean.  Check it out at the Google Play Store and give it a try, it has over 100 million downloads over all global markets. Clean Master is also one of the highest rated free utility apps with a 4.7 rating (out of 5) from over five million reviews. Let us know on our Google+ Page if you use any of these Vampire Apps – did you know those Apps were sucking the life from your battery? Do you have Clean Master or something like it on your phone – let us know, we would love to hear from you.

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