Teaser for Samsung's Upcoming Unpacked 5 Event Hints at Rugged Galaxy S5; Device That Does Everything

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Have you heard? Samsung has a small event planned for next week, something they’re calling Unpacked 5. Word on the street is that Samsung doesn’t have much in store for us, and really there’s no need to tune in at all. Oh, who am I kidding? Next Monday is perhaps the most anticipated date in the entire “Android calendar”, it’s when Samsung is going to announce their latest and greatest Galaxy S device, the Galaxy S5. We’re expecting big things from Samsung, and for good reason. After the sleepy release that was the Galaxy S4, we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung have something major in store for us, something that will genuinely impress us.

Normally, devices like these leak out pretty much entirely before their scheduled announcement, but Samsung has managed to keep things locked down. Of course, there’s no stopping the Korean media getting their hands on little tidbits here and there, but compared to last year’s run-up to the Galaxy S4, Samsung have their affairs in order. The Korean giant can’t keep quiet for long though, and as such they’ve released a short and sweet 35-second long teaser, that may or may not have revealed a little more about their next big thing.

Throughout the teaser (shown below), there are words emblazoned on top of images that are supposed to invoke something inside of us. The images range from the mundane in smartphone advertising to something a little more enticing. Such as the above screencap with the word “wet” on it. Does this mean that the Galaxy S5 is going to feature some sort of water-resistance a la Sony’s Xperia Z line? Could the word “courage” on top of a photo of a man going mountain climbing mean a ruggedized version is on the cards? Who knows. Only time will tell, and with just a few short days to go, none of us have that long left to wait. Keep it locked here for all of the latest news concerning Samsung’s latest and greatest as soon as we have it.