T-Mobile And Unlocked GSM Moto X Now Getting Android 4.4.2

It would seem that the soak test for the T-Mobile variant of the Moto X and Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 was just a taste of things to come, as some lucky users are starting to receive the OTA software update on their devices as we speak. A Moto X user took to the Google+ community to post his findings of the OTA popping up in his notification bar, with comments that followed on the thread stating others were getting the update as well. The screenshot was posted at just before 5:30pm, so we're pretty sure that even more people may be starting to get these notifications in their status bars. If you're a Moto X user with the GSM version or using a Moto X on the T-Mobile network, be on the lookout for the update to come your way, and feel free to give the software updates buttons a few light taps from the settings menu to see if it'll show up.

Although some users are already getting the software officially, as with all over the air updates of the Android OS the rollouts happen incrementally so if you don't have it now you could end up with it a few hours from now or it could even take over the next couple days for your personal phone to receive it. The good news is that T-Mobile  as well as the unlocked GSM version are officially getting the update rolled out to them, so users won't have to wait long before their devices are tasting all the chocolaty goodness that Kit Kat is bringing to the party. Some notable changes as shown in the image are the capability to use Google Cloud Print services and print directly from your smartphone, along with some fixes to battery life which is always a welcomed change.

T-mobile variants of the Moto X aren't the only lucky ones here, as the main poster reported getting it on his unlocked GSM version of the device in the UK. It would seem possible that we could be seeing this roll out to other variations of the Moto X in the near future, although this is not confirmed and is purely a hope. Do you use a T-Mobile Moto X or the Unlocked GSM version? If so and you have gotten the update, have you noticed any useful changes? Let us know in the comments.

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