T-Mobile JUMP! Getting Refresh To Include Unlimited Upgrades With No Waiting Period

T-mobile is looking to entice customers to JUMP! on in with both feet come Feb.23rd. T-Mobiles already fairly decent JUMP! Program which was announced last year, is getting a refresh this month as the wireless carrier headed up by CEO John Legere plans to make some huge changes to the plan feature. They're hoping customers JUMP! at the chance to grab up these new deals, and take a leap with this new opportunity. So what are these changes being made in the next week or two? Well lets start with what JUMP! currently offers. When it was launched last year it promised customers the opportunity to upgrade twice every 12 month period, but they had to wait six months from the time of adding the JUMP! program to actually take advantage of that. After the changes take affect on the 23rd, you will no longer have a time limit once you add JUMP! to upgrade your device, and you are no longer going to be constrained to only 2 upgrades per year.

Those two particular limitations of the JUMP! program have been wiped out, in favor of what T-Mobile is calling Unlimited upgrades and a wait free upgrade timeframe. Also new to the JUMP! program will be the inclusion of Tablets in the upgrade category. Customers will also be able to take in an existing device that they already have set up on an EIP(equipment installment plan), and receive full credit back for unpaid payments of the device up to half the phones original cost. The device you're looking to trade in will have to be listed as eligible by T-Mobile of course, so you can't just bring in any device you want and expect to trade it in.Will this increase the number of JUMPING! customers that T-Mobile sees in stores? Well that still remains uncertain but customers will surely like the expansion of the JUMP! program to include Tablets, and there will most likely be some customers who will appreciate the two aforementioned changes about the waiting period and upgrade limits.  If you were previously on JUMP!, the details are that you'll be grandfathered in, and as long as you have been part of the JUMP! program for 6 months, you can upgrade even if you haven't paid off at least half of your device. If you'll be a new customer adding the JUMP! feature after the 23rd, than you have no 6 month wait period to upgrade. Upgrade whenever you like, as many times as you like, dependent on the fact that you trade in your device to have T-Mobile pay it off by doing so. It sounds like the requirement though for the trade ins is that the leftover device balance has to be less than half what the original cost was. If it's not, you'll more than likely end up fronting that extra amount yourself. This is unclear though as T-Mobile hasn't mentioned anything regarding that particular detail about more than half the device payments left. So how do these new changes to JUMP! sound to all the T-Mobile customers out there? If you didn't previously have the feature added will you be taking advantage of it now once Feb. 23rd comes around?

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