T-Mobile Has Come A Long Way, Sets New Industry Standard


I'm sure you can remember the old days. Back when you had to pay exorbitant amounts for a small amount of minutes. Back then, you would pay for a certain number of text messages you could send in a month and then be penalized if you went over. Those were the days when the cellular carriers could take as much money as they could from the consumer for using substandard technology. You can definitely look now and say that times have changed. The carriers of old are slowly being phased out as changes to the former way of having a contract with a set plan is becoming a relic, a thing of the past.

T-Mobile. I was a customer of theirs back in 2007. I was happy because I paid the extra money to have unlimited text messages. That was enough to keep me around for a while. But, under the old CEO, T-Mobile had less than stellar customer service in my opinion. It was extremely difficult to get help from anyone in the organization when you had tech issues, signal issues or even billing issues. Times have changed. Under the new and fresh leadership of John Legere, T-Mobile, downtrodden and beleaguered from sales loss, decided to make some adjustments to its cellular plans and to bring about new life and growth in their service.


It would appear that T-Mobile is setting the new standard and making the other carriers feel the pressure. Not too long after T-Mobile decided to change their upgrade program to the new JUMP program, it resulted in being a success. AT&T noticed the momentum that T-Mobile was garnering and followed suit with their own NEXT program to combat the loss of customers. Verizon and Sprint soon followed. Other changes included unlimited data plans for phones and tablets. Mobile share plans have also been making a surge as a result. With mobile internet connected tablets joining mobile phones, mobile share plans are making it a more affordable option for consumers.

Prices have dropped for everything across all carriers. It can be seen as obvious that this is not going to change as the competition continues to heat up across the board and the prices continue to get lower. Ultimately the consumer wins in the end and T-Mobile can definitely get some credit for pushing the change and increasing their mind-share and consumer-share at the same time.

Take a look at the information in the chart below and you'll get the picture of the impact that T-Mobile's changes have made to the industry as a whole. What do you think about it? Are you happy with the changes promoted and championed by the nation's Uncarrier? Leave your interesting comments in the section below or on Facebook, Twitter or our G+ page. Keep it locked to Android Headlines for more news and reviews and up to the minute info.



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