Swappa.com Gets A Facelift, Browsing From Mobile Is Now Easier Than Ever

With the rate that people upgrade their smartphones now, a lot of the time users are looking for a safe and easy way to get rid of their old phones. The usual suspects include ebay, and craigslist, but if you want an overall better experience with helpful and knowledgeable staff, look no further than Swappa.com. The friendly folks over at Swappa are there to help you unload your old device and get some money back for that investment. If you haven't already purchased a new phone, then you can end up using what you get back for your old one towards the new device. If you're the type that would rather have your replacement first, then you can end up getting back some of what you spent to upgrade. Swappa doesn't just sell your old phone for you though, you can buy pre-owned smartphones on Swappa too, making the act of finding a new smartphone to upgrade into that much easier. It's contract free, and often you'll spend less than if you got your phone elsewhere without a contract.

Now, the good news about Swappa's website. It's gotten a little bit of a facelift, so it's now more easy to interact with, and it's even easier to browse on your mobile. It looks prettier too. If you can find the irony in browsing Swappa.com for a new phone from your current phone's mobile browser, then you might appreciate the refresh. Why should you use Swappa over other sites? Because they have literally zero seller fees, and they don't take devices that are in bad condition. Could it be any easier? Short of the Swappa staff doing all the work for you, not really. The breakdown of the refresh to the site is covered by some user interface changes, obvious enhancements to the speed of the site, and of course there's the mobile browsing improvements that make it easier and more enjoyable to cruise the site for stuff from your phone. In addition to the site and mobile site getting UI overhauls, Swappa also now hosts graphs to help you determine what a phone is selling for. No more having to mess around with trying to figure it out. As soon as you click on the sell button for any given handset or tablet, the graph will be there to greet you with useful information on what prices to expect. If you have any older devices that you're in the market to get rid of, Swappa can help you accomplish this task. Just head on over to the main webpage for Swappa here, and you can get started whether you're looking to buy or sell.

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