Sundar Pichai Will Be Staying At Google, Not Headed To Microsoft

There have been some scary rumors floating aroundthat a top employee of Google being bought out by Microsoft.  Sundar Pichai, who is basically the overseer of everything Chrome and Android, was thought to be in negotiations with Microsoft for a new position there as CEO, contending with Microsoft native Satya Nadella.  If these rumors were true, it would be a massive blow to the search giant, as Pichai is viewed as a genius in both the business and technology fields.  The rumors gained traction based on the fact that Microsoft has not been doing so hot lately, and that Pichai could revitalize the brand to make it more mainstream, like how Google and Apple are today.  Pichai, who took his current position from outgoing exec Andy Rubin, is rumored to have been paid $50 million to stay at Google.  Regardless of if the rumors of payment are true, the rumors of him leaving Google are considered debunked by Re/code's Kara Swisher, who contacted both Microsoft and Google and supposedly received confirmation that he is not in the running for the CEO position.  She tweeted "Sources at both MSFT and Google deny that Sundar Pichai is a CEO candidate" and "Checked more sources and I can definitively say Sundar Pichai of Google is not in the Microsoft CEO running," which hopefully put an end to these rumors.

This can only mean good things for Google, as they are not losing an experienced member of their team.  Android is growing in popularity, and it is vital that the captain does not abandon the ship when seas look smooth.  With the growth of Chrome OS through increased Chromebook sales and the growth in Android market share, Pichai seems to be doing something right.  With him at the helm, who knows what Microsoft could have come out with that would threaten Google's portion of the mobile market?  It's for that very reason that I'm torn about this... while I love Google and am thankful that they will keep a brilliant employee, the potential of true competition for Google is very enticing.  The kinds of innovation that could have arisen from the two being in direct competition would have been interesting to see.  What about you?  How do you feel about this?  Let us know that and any other thoughts down below in the comments!

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