Stream Audio From Your Android To Any Connected Speaker With Beep

Chromecast is definitely one of the defining pieces of technology for last year, and it's opening up even more possibilities this year with even more support for connected apps to come with the open SDK for developers. What if there was a more affordable device that could help you stream audio from your android device to any speaker in your home though. Thanks to these ex-Google employees and their wonderful little startup, we could soon see a product like that hit the market. The new startup called Beep, is on it's way to bringing consumers a product that works much like a Chromecast, but for Audio instead of multiple forms of media content. Just like the Chromecast lets you stream supported media to any monitor or TV that has an HDMI port, Beep will let you stream audio to any speaker that it's connected to. That's the idea at least, since the device isn't actually out yet. The device stays connected to your WiFi network so it can relay the audio to the connected speakers, and seemingly use your Android device as the remote.

This tiny little WiFi dial plugs into a USB power source, and you can use either Analog audio or 3.5mm optical plugs to connect the Beep to your speakers. The real catch here though comes from the multi sound sync capability, which lets you connect multiple Beep devices with the Beep app. This ensures that you can keep all your music and audio synced up across a house full of speakers, with multiple connected Beep devices. This isn't the only product of it's kind(see the sonos products), but it definitely a bit cheaper. However it's not as cheap as some would hope, as it will run the user $149 when it's released later this year in the fall. The major problem that it faces though is content. With current available options to stream media only from the Pandora app or from your own local media storage, we can't see a lot of people wanting to jump on board with the Beep considering the lack of providers. Once this device allows more music options like Play Music All Access, Spotify, Songza, and the like, more people will surely take a liking to this idea. The cost might be an offput for some, but if you land a pre-order device, you'll only have to cough up $99, which sounds good to us. Would anyone be interested in this device once it's available? Or do you prefer something like the Sonos or will you just continue to use your Chromecast to stream your audio to your TV?


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