Square Enix's Secret Of Mana Series Coming To Android With Rise Of Mana

Square Enix is known for some of the best RPG titles out there. They have ported over a number of their popular titles, and they're perhaps the best known for the releases of the Final Fantasy series onto mobile. As of now you can grab Final Fantasy 1-6 from the Play Store, as well as Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and a number of other Final Fantasy themed titles. Another RPG series they were famous for though is The Secret of Mana, which many of you may not known depending on if you grew up with a Super Nintendo or not. Square Enix has decided to bring this popular franchise to Android with The Rise of Mana, and it boasts similar but slightly more enhanced 3D graphics to the few Final Fantasy titles that have them. The downside is that it looks like a Japan exclusive game for the time being.

When this game releases, it's going to have a little bit of a different feel to it than Final Fantasy, as FF are your JRPG style of RPG. Rise of Mana is going to be a hack and slash adventure style RPG, kind of like the Zenonia series would be the best way to describe the gameplay. Once the game releases which should be sometime around the Summer, with a Soundtrack to the game being released on April 23rd so you can enjoy all the games wonderfully crafted tunes to get you amped for the game release. If you want to get your hands on this game once it drops, there are ways around the location specific launches of games on the Play Store. Should you follow such a method though you'll only end up getting a game with dialogue and audio that is in the Japanese language.

The game looks like it will Free-To-Play, which is a slight change from the way Square Enix usually releases games. Normally their hit RPG titles cost upwards of $10, with the most recent and popular FF titles sitting at $15.99. Since it will be free, there will undoubtedly be some form of IAP, but you shouldn't have to resort to buying any unless you want to enhance or boost the game. Hopefully Square Enix will set up the IAP so that anything you can buy with real money will be obtainable through game progression. Time will tell though. As a huge SNES fan and someone who spent countless hours playing games on it growing up, seeing remastered games from my youth, along with new additions that are simply part of a series that I played growing up makes me feel nostalgic and happy. Personally I hope Square Enix decides to make this a global release game title at some point, even if it's Japan exclusive for a little while. You can check out the details of the game from the Rise of Mana micro site, which has some news information about the game along with the trailer(which we also posted in here) and some other information that's all in Japanese. The site also has one cool feature about it, which is the ability to play three tracks from the game just by having the site page open. So if you enjoy the music from RPG titles like this, head to the micro site and just let the music play in the background. It seems that the tracks just play on repeat and are a nit short, but nonetheless a great feature.

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