Sprint Now Allowing Prospective Galaxy S5 Buyers to Pre-Register for More Information


After the success of the other flagship devices in the Galaxy S line, there was no question that the Samsung Galaxy S5 was going to make headlines. We imagine there are a fair number of people who are eager to get their hands on the device, and just as well, carriers are eager to sell it to you. So eager, in fact, that Sprint has already opened up pre-registration for the device. Just what does that mean, exactly? If you pre-register with Sprint, the carrier promises that you'll be "the first to know" when more details about the Galaxy S5 are revealed.

So not a whole lot, in other words. It would seem that Sprint realizes that pre-registering for more information feels a little frivolous, because it's tossed in a few incentives to sign up. Everyone who pre-registers will be entered into a drawing to win either a $100 Visa gift card or what sounds like a Galaxy S5 of their very own. According to the lengthy official rules, Sprint has three of each to hand out. Interestingly enough, the rules only mention that a "Samsung Sprint device" is one of the prizes, which suggests that winners may not even be getting a Galaxy S5 should their name be pulled in the drawing.


Still, with Sprint giving the unnamed Samsung device an approximate retail value of $649.00, it seems likely that this is indeed the Galaxy S5 we're talking about. Obviously, the handset you win will have to be activated on Sprint's network, and it's important to point out that the rules claim the handset doesn't come with a Sprint warranty of any kind. In short, if you end up winning a Galaxy S5 from Sprint, it may not be a bad idea to invest in a good case.

Somewhat alarming rules aside, this seems like a decent way to find out when the Galaxy S5 will be launching on Sprint's network. There are three drawing periods with this sweepstakes, which explains why there's three of each prize to give out. The first period lasts from today (February 24) to March 5, the second one spans from march 6 to March 14, while the third one begins on March 14 and runs until March 24. Sprint says winners will be notified within five days of the drawing, which is pleasantly quick for this kind of sweepstakes. For more information on the sweepstakes, hit up the source link below.

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