Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Gives Reasons Behind Lack Of 4G Network Coverage


Sprint is having a bit of a rough go at it, and it's mostly due to their service. They have plans that can compete but with a service that is lacking, plans don't matter. However, Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse has given a response to the question, what's the deal with Sprints service? Well, Hesse had a response that we may have guessed he would have, saying simply, "There's a complexity to this network build that's never been undertaken, in my view, by anyone in the world." What does that even mean? The response given feels like a backhanded compliment to Sprint's network and capabilities. However, that may only be because we are the consumers, we know what we are dealing with when we take our smartphones out and try to use them. If there is no bars, there is no 4G, which means there is no point in paying for a service that you simply aren't getting. When Hesse says, the service is "complex" we wonder.. "well why do my friends on T-Mobile or Verizon have service while sitting in my bedroom, and I don't?"

In a word, the answer is WiMAX, and this has nothing to do with Hesse as the CEO, he is simply dealing with the backlash of those who came before him. A decision was made to try something different, and it was an unknown route at least in the US. Taking that option essentially glued Sprint to that era, leaving them behind while others moved on to 4G LTE options. This isn't the only thing that is holding Sprint back, they also have to be worried about their spectrum. Hesse had this to say about the spectrum he is trying to make work, "Sprint has had to stitch airwaves from across the electromagnetic spectrum." That said, Hesse also stated, "Most of Sprint's competitors had access to a good 2o MHz of 4G spectrum over which they could build pristine new LTE systems."

These are points that actually make sense, though they will only get Sprint so far. They still need to produce a service worth subscribing to. One of the many things unsaid is when? How long will it take for Sprint to catch up to others? This is still unknown, " I really can't give you a magic date because the build will continue through 2015...". Maybe T-Mobile was their plan, if any deal went through for them to use T-Mobile's network, maybe they could stand a chance. However that option still seems doubtful. It also should be noted that T-Mobile came from a grueling background as well, though they made it through and are the talk of the town most days. If you're a Sprint customer, does the explanation give hope or doubt in Sprint's ability to bring better 4G coverage?


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