Sprint Adds More Device Support For Push To Talk Feature In Direct Connect Now App

February 3, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Remember the days of Push To Talk? Yes that age old feature of walkie talkie like communication between two individuals, originally found on Nextel phones is all but dead. Sprint has carried on this feature since they acquired Nextel some time ago, and as of now Sprint has just updated the Push To Talk features device support list to include support for six more devices. If you own and use a Samsung Galaxy S 4, an LG G Flex, an LG G2, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, an LG Optimus F3, or a Kyocera Hydro Edge, you can now use the Direct Connect Now application which allows the use of Push To Talk communication.

If you’re already a Sprint user you may have been using the Direct Connect Now app on a previously supported device, so you may already know the benefits of the app and how it works or what it offers. For those of you that have never used it before, the Direct Connect Now app not only now supports new devices, but it also has a list of added new features that were thrown into the mix. Direct Connect Now finally supports 4G LTE devices, has a new enhanced experience inside the app, provides easy to use touch screen controls, gives the user Team DC and Opt-In Team DC close group calling, alerts a caller if you are able to talk in a non intrusive way that doesn’t interrupt, syncs with your address book on device, is interoperable with Sprint Direct Connect devices, and you can now also create a list of the most frequently contacted Direct Connect contacts in a favorites list. The app seems to have gotten quite the update, so if you’re now on the list of supported devices you might want to give the app a try.

Sprint plans to add in more device support in the future, so if your smartphone didn’t make the cut this time around, it should be coming. Among those that Sprint plans to add support for are the Galaxy S 4 Mini, the Galaxy Mega, and the Galaxy S 4 with Sprint Spark, So look out for those to be updated with compatibility in the near future.

Source: Android Guys