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Description: Zombies and Guns is a game yes, that's filled with Zombies and Guns. It's a game that brings the Zombie Apocalypse to the Wild West of America and couples it with the crazy gun-toting antic you'd expect from a spaghetti western. Zombies and Guns is a side-scrolling 2D shoot 'em up that's filled with charm and features 9 different weapons each with 3 upgrades, 40 achievements, interesting local characters to come across and a whole lot more. Zombies and Guns features a progression system that allows you to level up and purchase new abilities as you go about your adventure throughout the infected desert.

How it Works: First of all, you'll need to download the game from the Play Store, once that's done you can start to get involved with the Wild West Zombie Apocalypse.


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You'll be greeted with the main menu that allows you to see such things as the Armory and the Saloon, but these won't become fully open until you get further into the game. When you first start playing, Zombies and Guns will take you through the fairly easy controls and make sure you know what you're doing when fighting off Zombies.

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When you first start off, there isn't much happening, but it's a nice and easy way to get settled into the combat.

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Once you get further into the game though, things get much hairier and you'll have more Zombies to shoot.



How you get a hold of all these awesome weapons is through the Armory, which gets filled up the longer you play with even more badass weapons.



As we said above, the game features some genuine progression and you'll be going from level to level slaying Zombies.


Opinion: The cool cartoon graphics of Zombies and Guns really add to the game's overall charm and while it doesn't look as good as I'd like on high-resolution displays, the overall look is pleasing. As for the genuine progression from level-to-level and the Armory that allows for more weapons, there's a lot to do in the game. There are other features to the game, such as the rewards system and the generous amount of achievements on offer for you to conquer, but the heart of the game is its gameplay. It's a really fun game which is a little simple, but also addictive after a little while. Easy to pickup and play, Zombies and Guns works no matter where you are and will keep a lot of people busy for hours on end.



  • Speed (4/5) – The game ran fine on a number of devices and there were no issues I came across.
  • Features (4/5) – The gameplay is a little simple at first, but there's a lot included in the game and it can become quite challenging.
  • Theme (4/5) – Its cartoon look and feel works well with the kooky Wild West setting and the sound effects are a lot of fun as well.
  • Overall (4/5) – Zombies and Guns is a solid shoot 'em up that offers a lot for the discerning mobile gamer and should keep them busy for quite some time.


  • Fun setting and good-looking graphics make for a charming game.
  • Armory and other features extend the game so you can continue to slay Zombies.
  • Genuine progression helps people feel like they're playing a proper game, not a free-to-play title.
  • Easy enough for anyone to get started and have a lot of fun with.


  • Doesn't look too good on high-resolution displays.
  • Some might find the gameplay a little too familiar.

Conclusion: Zombies and Guns is a fun game that offers players a lot to sink their teeth into, if they like it they'll be happy with how much is on offer. The theme of the game is really nice to not only look at, but also listen to. The fun sound effects make slaying Zombies a lot of fun and the overall presentation is satisfying. The Armory and Achievements give players something to work towards when going from level-to-level and there's a real feeling of progression when playing through Zombies and Guns.


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