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Description: WordWarX is, as you might have guessed, a game that's built around creating the best word possible, either that or finding the word quicker than your opponent. You can think of it as a sort of instant Scrabble for mobile. Where Scrabble itself doesn't necessarily lend itself very well to the mobile platform, WordWarX is bite-sized fun that plays quickly, yet is no less satisfying. This is all about testing your mental skills and how quickly you can create the best words. It also pits you against other players in real time as well, creating an honest challenge against those that are looking to play the same sort of game. It might not be for everyone, but those that prefer mental brain teasers will really like WordWarX and the challenges it offers.

How it Works: To start testing your word skills, you'll need to download the game from the Play S tore. There is a free version to try out, but all the game modes are only found in the paid version. Once you've installed the app (which works better on phones), you'll need to create a new user, this is in order to play online.


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Once you've signed up for an account, you can choose from one of the three game modes. In the "Thinking" mode, you have 60 seconds to find the highest scoring word, it's played over 3 rounds. The "Strategy" mode has you find what you think is the highest scoring word and then you stop the clock. Lastly, the "Speed" mode give the win to the first person who can find at least a four-letter word.

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When playing any of the games, all you need to do is select the letter tiles int he order you'd like to form a word, then just hit submit.

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All of the game modes and played quickly and don't require much besides mental capability, which makes this a game anyone can play. By playing more and more games, you're given a score as well as a rank. When you first start out, you'll be a Private, but you'll soon accumulate some impressive stats.



No matter what game mode becomes your favorite, WordWarX is a challenging game that pits you against real players, something a lot of games simply don't do anymore.

Opinion: As a writer, you'd expect me to love this sort of thing, and you'd be right. I'm a big fan of Scrabble, but it's never really worked out for me when playing on a smartphone or a tablet. WordWarX on the other hand, is a whole lot of fun that works well on the go and when at home playing for a longer session. Those that are keen on word games will love the emphasis on actually creating words yourself, rather than just filling in the gaps. To me, the game is like a mix between Scrabble and Countdown. This is something that's a lot of fun when waiting around between commutes or something like that, as the bite-sized gameplay is well suited for a smartphone title.



  • Speed (4/5) – Depending on your connection, you could be connected with a player in seconds! The game itself runs well and there are no problems playing.
  • Features (4/5) – A solid offering of bite-sized gameplay, there's a lot to WordWarX that Scrabble fans and puzzle lovers will love.
  • Theme (3/5) – The game looks more like a Windows Phone app than it does an Android one, which is a shame but, it's certainly not ugly.
  • Overall (4/5) – WordWarX is a great offering for those that enjoy games like Scrabble and such, but don't have the time to play full games on the go.


  • Easy to pickup and play without having to learn complicated controls.
  • Scrabble and puzzle fans will be able to play the game on their daily commute to work very easily.
  • Different game modes allow for different styles of play, which gives everyone a chance to get in on the game.
  • Offers a great mobile alternative to Scrabble and Words with Friends while creating its own gameplay style.


  • Doesn't fit in with the overall Android theme.
  • More game modes would be nice for established players.

Conclusion: While not perfect, WordWarX presents itself as a very compelling word game for those on the go. It's a shame that it doesn't much feel like an Android game, but it's good-looking enough and practically anyone can play the game. Which is great as it means there's never too long a wait looking for an opponent. Playing against real players is a very nice touch and one that works brilliantly without the need for a super-fast Internet connection. Gameplay is quick and easy to learn, yet difficult to master. Fans of Scrabble and the likes will really take to WordWarX and we're sure that fans of the popular word game will no doubt introduce this to friends so they can play together. Unlike Words With Friends, WordWarX focuses on quick gameplay where the quickest thinker is rewarded, and it doesn't push you to sign in with Facebook or anything like that. Overall, it's a pleasing game that could do with a visual overhaul that is a lot of fun.


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