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Description: Safari Escape is a game for Android that's a puzzle game based around fast and frantic matching gameplay. You have to help baby animals stay out of the poachers hands by reducing the blocks low enough to allow the animals to run away. You do this by matching three or more of the same color blocks, and also by making use of different boosts and powerups along the way. It's a fun game that will appeal to all puzzle fans, it's easy to get to grips with but difficult to master. Read on to find out just how much fun Safari Escape is.

How it Works: First of all, you'll need to download the game from the Play Store. After that, you can either login with your Facebook account or just play as a guest.


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First-time players are told how to play the game, so there's no need to be confused no matter your age.

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Things start off nice and simple when you start playing and even though you only have a limited number of moves available, nothing is too difficult.

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The main aim of the game is to get the baby animals to the ground so they can join Emma on the right-hand side of the display. The poacher is always happy to add more rows of bricks to your overall workload with a simple tap. At the end of each level you're given a star rating out of three.


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There's a lot to be said about the game and it can be a lot of fun, it might feature the same sort of mechanic we've been seeing for years in puzzle games but, the slick presentation is a very nice touch, indeed.

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Each level you complete sends you further on the path, which is nice as it gives the game some real progression to deal with, as oppose to just level after level.

Opinion: I've always liked puzzle games and Safari Escape is another game I really liked. Its fast-paced attitude is what I liked so much about the game and while the whole match three thing has gotten a little stale over the years, Safari Escape doesn't necessarily feel a dated game. The presentation is nice and there's some good attention to detail here, nothing about how the game looks feels unfinished and there's a lot to like about the overall feel about the game. Powerups and boosts are nice additions, and they can definitely help out younger gamers in a bind. The difficulty soon takes a steep hike towards the later levels however, so beware of how easy things start off.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything runs well and the pacing of Safari Escape is one of its better features.
  • Features (4/5) – A great puzzle game that might not offer anything too new, works well and is a lot of fun to play, too.
  • Theme (5/5) – One of the better looking puzzle games to come out for a while, Safari Escape will appeal to those of all ages will cuteness and attention to detail that really shows.
  • Overall (4/5) – Safari Escape is a fun game that could do with going a lot further with its game mechanics, but its presentation and pacing really help sell the game.


  • Fast-pacing helps to speed up gameplay and pile the pressure on in later levels.
  • Great presentation will wow youngsters and show off polish to older players.
  • Easy to play, but difficult to master lending the game more challenging gameplay than you first think.
  • Powerups and boosts help to add a little more to the gameplay, making some levels fly by.


  • Difficulty takes a steep increase once you get to the higher levels.
  • The match three or more mechanic can feel a little dated these days.

Conclusion: No game is perfect and when you're joining the ranks of hundreds of other good puzzle titles, it's hard to do something completely new. We're not sure Safari Escape has done that, but it is a fun game. The fast-paced matching gameplay is easy to grasp and satisfying, while the boosts and such help to make the gameplay altogether a lot more appealing. The theme of the game however, is where Safari Escape excels, it's a great-looking game with a polished appearance that will appeal to anyone, young or old. Well worth giving a try, Safari Escape is a fast and fun take on popular puzzlers of the past.



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