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Description: Flying Flea is a game for Android that puts you in charge of a flying flea and sees how long you can last without hitting an object. The aim of the game is to last as long as you can in order to create that killer high-score. There are a range of powerups and upgrades that you can apply as well. However, to keep players going, there are 40 plus achievements in the game. These are good to work toward and it's a sizable aspect of the game. Collecting all of the achievements is a sizable challenge to rise to. As a free-to-play title, Flying Flea is full of in-app purchases, but none of them are all that expensive and they typically help you create an even higher high score than without them. It's a fun game that feels familiar, but can it create its own identity? Read on to find out.

How it Works: Once you've downloaded the game from the Play Store, you're ready to play. You can choose which Flea you want to play as here, but other characters will need coins to unlock them.


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The control scheme is pretty simple and if you're playing for the first time, you can just hit the help button to get some info on how to play the game.

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When playing, things are pretty straightforward, all you need to do is just avoid obstacles for as long as you can in order to get the best score.

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At the end of your run, you're given a look at how well you've done. This is where you'll see the score you're more than likely going to obsess over time and time again.


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To make sure you get the highest score possible, there are a number of upgrades and such you can buy with the coins you collect throughout your runs.

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Collecting coins and stars can take a long time though, so spend them wisely when you have them. Similarly, you can spend a star to continue if you hit an obstacle.

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The achievements can be viewed from the main menu inside of the game and as you can see, I've not been all that successful in collecting many!


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These achievements give players something more than just a new high-score to chase and the more of them you collect, the more of them you'll be wanting to collect.


Opinion: I'm a big fan of these types of games that pit you against your last best high score, it builds a sense of challenge without having to be overly difficult in the first place. Flying Flea is a pretty decent game however, it could do with some extra polish. Right now, there's nothing with the gameplay that's on offer, but it's extremely similar to games like Jetpack Joyride and Subway Surfers. The achievement system does give players some more to work with, and it adds another challenge to the game. It's disappointing to see that the developer hasn't done more with the whole flea thing, but it is pretty fun and it's something a little different. With a little more attention to detail and more coins throughout the levels, Flying Flea would be a lot more fun.


  • Speed (3.5/5) – Flying Flea runs fine, but the controls need to be a little more responsive and often when you see an obstacle it's too late to do anything. We'd expect fleas to be much faster.
  • Features (4/5) – With all of the bases covered, Flying Flea is a pretty decent game, but there needs to be a little more attention to detail to help it stand out.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – A different setting for a similar game isn't what makes your game much more fun than everyone else's. With a more varied background and different obstacles, it'd be a lot more fun.
  • Overall (3.5/5) – As it stands, Flying Flea is a fun game, but it doesn't really offer anything too different outside of other free-to-play games, which is a shame as it's a fun game at its core.


  • Easy to pickup and play, with a simple control scheme.
  • Lots of potential to keep players entertained for some time.
  • Removing ads is simple and easy to do from the store – something other free-to-play titles don't offer.
  • Different setting from others that should appeal to younger audiences.


  • Not enough coins throughout the levels to make a difference.
  • Controls can be unresponsive at times, leading to a difficult high score run.

Conclusion: It might sound like there's a lot wrong with Flying Flea, but that's not the case. It's more a case that there's a lot of potential for the game going forward. Right now, it's a fun game that's easy to play and doesn't require much learning. Creating high score after high score is a lot of fun and the obstacles prove enough of a challenge. Achievements do add an extra dynamic to the game, but with a little more going on in-game, these achievements would shine a little better. With some added polish and more attention to detail though, Flying Flea would be even better.



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