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Description: WhatsApp 2Date is an Android app that serves a very simple purpose, all it does is search for the latest version of WhatsApp and help you install it. This is an app for those that need to have the latest and greatest version of WhatsApp installed at all times. If you're the type of person that lives using WhatsApp to communicate to your friends, then you'll want to be informed of a new version of your favorite messaging app. WhatsApp 2Date is the application that can help you download the latest official version of WhatsApp, even pre-release version that haven't been sent to the Play Store yet. You'll be notified of when a new version is available and you can even download the app on to tablets.

How it Works: First of all, you'll need to download the app from the Play Store, it doesn't matter whether you have WhatsApp installed or not, however if you do, the app will tell you which version you have.



If there's an update available available, you'll be told about it and you can simply download it by hitting the download button.



You can then install the WhatsApp app like you would install any other app.


There are a handful of settings you can change as well.



While tablets aren't officially supported just yet, you can use WhatsApp 2Date to download it onto your tablet.

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The main attraction of the app however, is the fact that when there's a new update, one that's on the bleeding edge of what's to come in WhatsApp, you'll be told about it.

2014-01-30 10.12.45

Opinion: There's not much I can say about WhatsApp 2Date really, it does what it sets out to do which is make sure you're running the latest version of WhatsApp on your Android phone. For those out there that use WhatsApp in place of their SMS app – which more people than ever are doing – then this a great app to have. It's still in Beta, so it's not perfect, but it's good enough for what it sets out to do and works well. It's a shame that right now there isn't that much going on when it comes to newer versions of the WhatsApp app, but when pre-releases start including more features and such, this will be a good app to have installed.



  • Speed (4/5) – The app runs well and even downloading the latest WhatsApp version works well.
  • Features (3/5) – WhatsApp 2Date only serves a niche as it is, but it doesn't offer too much beyond that, if at all which is a shame.
  • Theme (4/5) – There are no issues here, everything looks like a standard Android app and it's easy to use.
  • Overall (3.5/5) – A solid little app, WhatsApp 2Date makes it easy and simple to make sure you're running the latest version of WhatsApp on your device.


  • Offers a simple way of checking if your version of WhatsApp is the latest.
  • Downloading the latest version is simple and easy to do.
  • Settings allow you to tweak the frequency of checks and so on.
  • Great for those that are practically in love with WhatsApp.


  • Only serves a niche market.
  • Doesn't offer much more than a simple download of the latest version.

Conclusion: If you simply have to have the latest version of WhatsApp on your Android phone, then this is the best app to go with. It's simple and easy to use, without being too minimal. There are some settings that can be tweaked, but that's about it in general. It's a shame that there isn't more to the app but, it does fulfill its purpose. Obviously, this is something that appeals to those who use WhatsApp to connect with family and friends and love to try out the latest features, such as new emoticons or the ability to pay for someone else to use the app! The latest version of WhatsApp is simple and easy to download with WhatsApp 2Date and the app is just a small download away.


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