Sony's Sirius D6503 (Z2) gets Handled in New Video Exposé


With all the recent leaks, you could be forgiven for thinking that there was little else to learn about the ‘Sirius’ D6503; Sony’s follow to their 2013 Z1 flagship handset. You would, however, be wrong, as can be seen from the extensive video exposé posted by Rimas Flyil on YouTube.

Much like Samsung and HTC, Sony look to differentiate their products not only by their hardware design, but also by the inclusion of software features that aren’t found in stock Android. The 12 minute video shows a pre-production ‘Sirius’ D6503 running a build of KitKat 4.4.2 that isn’t quite ready for prime time, with Sony’s proprietary Xperia Home launcher on show. One of the features shown in the video is a ‘Tap to Wake Up’ ability; working much the same way as LG’s KnockOn, which allows the user to unlock the screen by tapping on the screen twice with a fingertip. Another feature that is shown off is the Smart backlight control which works in a similar fashion to Samsung’s SmartStay, allowing the display to stay on without the need to touch the display whilst looking at a photo,etc. but to turn off when the user looks away from the screen. Despite not being a final build, Sony’s Xperia Home launcher looks slick, and well thought out; which is one way it differentiates itself from Samsung’s TouchWiz.

A common complaint about its predecessor, the Z1, was that the colours appeared washed out, and the display had poor viewing angles. Thankfully, it looks like Sony listened to its fans; with the screen looking both brighter and offering better visibility when viewing the display from an angle, with the Sirius allegedly harnessing a 5.2 Full HD IPS screen, with the side bezels slimmed down a fraction. The top and bottom bezels look to be about the same as the Z1.

Sony have booked their conference at MWC  at 08:30 CET (07:30 GMT) on Monday 24th February, where it is widely believed that they will officially reveal the Sirius D6503, or the Z2 as it is likely to be named, along with the upcoming Xperia Tablet Z 2.

Sony have upped their game in recent times, with the Z1 and more recently, the Z1 Compact garnering good reviews. Will the Z2 (Sirius D6503) be the handset to take them to the next step? Is the Z2 the Droid you are looking for? Let us know in the comments section or at our Google Plus page.