Sony's LifeLog Camera Concept Aims to Document Your Life in Photos


At MWC the announcements just keep on coming, with Sony's Press Conference revealing the Xperia Z2 handset, the Xperia Tablet Z2 as well as the SWR10 Wearable Activity Tracker SmartBand. Something that wasn't announced, but was seen encased in a glass box so as to protect it from being examined, was a wearable device concept called the LifeLog camera.

The LifeLog camera can be used to document your life, using images as way-points by capturing spontaneous moments as they happen, that wouldn't normally be possible with a traditional camera. Great for taking those pictures that no amount of posing can reproduce.


The LifeLog camera is surprisingly tiny, and looks to be around 1cm thick, 2cm wide and around 6cm tall, just a bit wider and thicker than your average USB stick, so quite small and portable.  There is a button on one side of the camera, ostensibly a camera button, and also a Micro-USB socket at the rear of the device for charging and connectivity purposes. There was no information as what the Mega-Pixel count is, nor what exactly what software the device would run. It would be unrealistic to assume that the LifeLog would boast top-of-the-line camera specifications though.

At present the LifeLog camera is just a concept, being displayed in a variety of colors including pink, yellow, turquoise and white, with numerous wrist strap designs, and was displayed with various different SmartBand concepts. It's designed to be worn around the neck, although it can be worn almost like a wristwatch when attached to the available straps.

The LifeLog camera should be able to link to smartphones, either via wifi or bluetooth and will almost certainly be closely connected to Sony's app of the same name; LifeLog, which tracks your activity throughout the day and relays information back to you about what you've been up to and how that might have affected you. In this day and age, it's no great leap of faith to assume it could be popular with life-bloggers and other social media outlets.


For me, the LifeLog Camera looks to be a device you would use whilst out and about with friends or family, with your smartphone in your trouser pocket, taking spontaneous photos, where the quality of the photo wasn't the main priority. How would you use such a device? Is it a device that you can see a purpose for? Let us know in the comments or via our Google Plus page.

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