Smartwatch by Google May Finally Get a Release Date


The smartwatch game is getting exciting, with many more OEM's throwing their names in the hat of brands to choose from. One name that we have been waiting to see thrown in that hat is Google. We may see a Google smartwatch as soon as by the end of March 2014. The question we should be asking is what can we expect from a Google smartwatch?

There is no set date for Google to launch a smartwatch, at least not one that is firm, though reports suggest by the end of March 2014. This is awesome news for those waiting for Google to show the world what the smartwatch can really do. Prototypes hidden away somewhere in the Google campus, couldn't escape the prying eyes of leaksters close to the project.


We are expecting to see a lot out of this project, with more of an Android feel and possibly more interaction with our smartphones. We may not be asking for a smartwatch to basically replace our smartphones, but more than just notifications would be interesting. To help further that development, Google Now is being rumored to be introduced to your wrist. HTC has a smartwatch in the works that will include a Google Now experience, so it is only natural to assume that Google will do the same. The features coming from Google Now to a smartwatch will most likely be the use of notifications, reminders, weather and traffic, sports scores, events and so much more. One part of the project that gives credence to this idea of an Android experience is the team behind the smartwatch.

Google has delegated the task of creating the smartwatch to developers and designers straight from the Android building. Which is exactly what we would expect, a smartwatch should be more like an accessory to your smart phone, so Android developers would be able to perfectly pair the two and create magic. Further suggestions revolve around the display of the smartwatch.

Google has had many prototypes according to the sources, one had a steel band, similar to Pebble Steel. The display on that prototype had a square face and color capabilities, that rotated colors for the background. However, that was an early prototype, and Google may have decided that due to time, we may see something more like a later prototype. That version had a plastic band however the display may be more like the original prototype. A LCD full color screen, is something we will most likely see on the initial release of Google's take on a smartwatch. That doesn't mean that later down the line they wouldn't release a steel band option.


Google may be coming to the game a little late, as we have seen Samsung, Pebble, and Toq smart watches already. However, the wearables market is still growing, and we still have plenty to see come from this market. HTC is just entering the market as well, which makes this an exciting time to follow smart watches and what different companies bring to the table.

As stated earlier in this article, the expected release date could be sometime in March, though this isn't the first time we have heard about a release date that was wrong. We once that we would see the Google smartwatch back in October of 2013, which came and went with no watch. It has already been rumored that the device may be pushed back to June, and if not, than we may see a watered down version of the dream Google had in mind for the smartwatch. No matter what happens, we are all excited to see what comes of this project.

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In case you were wondering, the featured image is a concept from an earlier article.

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