Slay Your Way To Immortality With 300: Seize Your Glory

If you love a good Hack and Slash game, and not the dungeon crawler type, then you might want to head over to the Play Store and take a look at the newest game from Warner Bros. Interactive. To help celebrate the upcoming release of the movie 300: Rise of An Empire, Warner Bros. Interactive has just released 300: Seize your Glory on Google Play for you to hack and slash your enemies to bits and slay your way to immortality. Be an integral cog in the machine known as the Spartans and beat back your most treacherous foes. Slash your enemies with swords, bash them with your shield, and make them rue the day they ever sought out to take what isn't theirs.

In Seize your Glory you'll play as Themistocles the Greek general, who has to ward off the encroaching Persian Navy. There's not much to the game in terms of content, as it's pretty much just a straight combat game. You have access to a few different types of attacks and defense using your shield and sword, and you can perform combos and such as well as a special attack once you fill your power gauge. Past that though there are no puzzles to solve, there's not an engrossing storyline to keep you engaged, it's purely combat. Is there anything wrong with that? No absolutely not. Especially since the game is still quite fun and it's free. So, there's no argument from us.

If you demand a bit more from your games you might want to pass this one up. However this is a fun game to play and if you want some mindless combat to engage in for a few minutes here and there, you will love it. The game doesn't take up too much space, as the apk on the Play Store is only 46MB in size. After opening it doesn't seem to download any additional files either so you won't have to free up much storage to play it. There is at least one catch though, and that is you need a supported version of Android. According to the listing you have to be running Android 4.0+. Other than that, use your best judgement on if you think your device can handle this type of game. With the intensive graphics(the visuals are pretty awesome) it is sure to put a payload size amount of strain on the RAM is you don't have enough. That being said, I have noticed a bit of lag here and there on my 2013 Nexus 7, which is normally a beast for games of all types. Perhaps it was due to these screenshots though, as it only seemed to lag when I took one. Enjoy!


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